2/3 of men have done this for their lady as a romantic gesture. Suave devile. Just waht did they do ?

Wednesday, January 24th


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Classic it's not a four point nine WLX book on the morning Jim and seriously posed. This morning's brain stringing question the key dudes. Fellow dudes can leave behind the RI AA ladies until this is right so I know over in a Valentine's Day right around the corner two thirds of men. But rarely have done this for their Levy as a romantic gesture. This is important stuff. Two thirds of men have done this ordered lady as a kind romantic gesture. Get it I mean help. PUN had tickets for James Taylor and body breaks and summer fest in Milwaukee on June 28 if you answer this brings train correctly. Now has 6641. Not export option. Don't what you always rains. You are thrust the answer what you did to that question two thirds of some men have done this elderly and for doing the Kennedy heard in the Kennedy daughter right now. Vigilance I think. No telling all his brain drain how are his words I am Brooke block week. Hey are you ready for Valentine's Day knowing you're one small dental. The two thirds of men have done this permanently as he romance it's it's you. I brought them had actually been loud here. Then. The Victoria's Secret action. A tragic vehement store once I felt so it's. On my third conviction of mr. Real quick real innocent or with a guy or girl at the hill who who who I was a girl oh yeah. Perry does this can likely agree shopping win Heidi I didn't wanna leave its. Not if they didn't get all. That happy yeah yes. Christie good to this morning two thirds of men have done this from there he is it when did you gesture. Bring colder. Old folder link got their dependents on your rule who you're giving me ideas he hurts our. I'm doing this question ACC was taken notes that we could goodness as I did that takes the Helm. Yeah. Don't don't always raised drink just in time for Valentine's Day this morning two thirds of men that have done this for their lead he is a romantic gesture support. Our pregnant. Well Andre Powell who yes due talent and our eyes off. Are all that's so nice right yeah that is saying I see us. That is nice and at ease the threat regs and. Yes I'm yeah. He's a man who wants to at least Connor why I'm hot pop yeah. Sometimes it's just you look around you and that's the answer but I'm sure I'll ask. Nine when I went out and I always had. The it's let's get a little gesture. And so all you want that done for your car yeah we'll get home I'm like well why did you have a husband or boyfriend or it's horrible yeah hold. Yes I Obama isn't awaiting his journey. Playing Brady. Feeds last night east. It didn't give me any crap I can't EHE irons awesome gas today. You correct it as there and I and I got and I don't order in place work done over me. Yeah yeah yeah this other stuff it's like what ever okay grant and aren't operating yeah. That. I got yeah. Something like that even just. All such a nice surprise when it happens up or did you ladies like something like that something kind of practical and is that cooler or are they of that Borough or. Oh they are. I'm with high eighty absolutely what you need to you know I have that I had that membership bid mr. Karr wants this. I am delighted I would unlimited egging it unlimited car washes. It mr. Karr once Sinai is good for you Jim who is actually. I did a good. Obviously some girl that's going to do that for UGE yeah I got hot and knew I still might RJ pizza yeah. I'm looking at the mighty big Uga graduate did you go to James Taylor money rates. Are finally my aunt Katie ran well. All this and they are I don't want my theory this worked out nicely for Heidi he hit danys some of the show good for you Heidi you can barter with whoever is in your life your partner and say I got these tickets and if you wash my car may be L a I. And yeah. Yeah yeah current that you guys possible break you ladies come. All gel yeah they're gonna call you. If if you don't hear from them before summer fest give us a call back it will make sure you get your tickets.