20 % of women caught their man cheating because if this...what was it ?

Friday, July 6th


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There it is the brain strain question you were wondering about posted here AW OLX. Dot com this morning's question was it was a cheap situation surprised we didn't play at a countries according to when it was done it herself a little with a cheek men. Followed out because of this evidence how they catch him. I thought they another woman in bed let them. Another woman in the sack. Yeah who that would that would be giveaway when you're pretty good until I did it give it a good guest at and hundreds of our history of the sport. Nobody likes green strained 20% of women thought they're cheating man was cheap and with this evidence when they find. My opinion and I applaud the mood of your business wreaked death and how you doing it since digital editing bugle. WL a brain straight question is warning if you missed it 20% of women. Followed they're cheat me analyst she can with this evidence what what what was. Where sick. Animal with a guest is a brilliant who's a great tenderness there's the best yes she's come on the the good thing and I told not. Is that many people have had this happen deal here your personnel from Xperia yeah I don't see no. Exclude it. That's that it it takes I think he's I must say it. WLX ray say what's your guest in his quest. I think we ought to do and she's. Are trying to think that I met and I can't eat little early aren't like that they are acting. I never noticed. That the hey you know I I don't go along here you're being out all of you don't like to repeat. I'm gonna look at it even I have had my adult growing it in a few minutes you just don't know. As of curling iron because he liked. Are you are. You saw curling iron burn to look along with the heat. That you run so that's that's not defense and that's of interest rate guests in just constantly and this certainly does the secret. And indeed months you do well. We think that's a classic hits and a four point nine W Alexi brain stream question play this morning 20% of women fun out there man was cheating and. Because of this. Evidence. Hello brains strained contestants. I would go all out try to in my own good my friend personally. I hope this is ever have a view is that she's 20% of women have may have found their man was cheating and it was this evidence. How about eight collection yeah the woman in his car. Lake something moves like two more anything specific. Are America's cup got a lot of it was either in the back in the her good if you're against all her at all close in the hood but pennies in the glove boxer. This is a telltale sign it. Pennies in the glow of oxygen has studied either keep does this is a good piece of mega busy WLX prize is next. You were a Mickelson prosecutors who can Geiger and his brain screen 66419. Aboard us. WLX brains trying to board yeah. Mario did little to do that and create 1% of women have followed their cheating man was cheating with. It was December so what was it. It receipt. If it's there. Yes but he receipt. All. We think I think we some I don't find that fast I am still. Really you don't know from experience that not the any public office does not happen you have content with a bit yeah but receipts. I don't receipts burned expose a lot different with them the know tell more to all. Of the recede as the direct breeds are these. Quote yeah Burt general. Thank you who has said. Any idea. I'm doing so well better not be do you agree. He would what's your last. Heart.