15% of us have accidentally done this while holiday shopping. Done what?

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Madison's home for the holidays is not a four point nine WO likes to interrogate you all ready for. Our shop didn't Black Friday ads running good luck to those crazed shoppers and wanna get you ready wood and gift certificate for shop and downtown medicine all lit up like never before brain strain question this morning for the and it's awesome prizes 6641. Not before nine. 15% of does admit to accidentally doing this during the holiday shopping season. 15% of us admit we have accidentally done this during the holiday shopping season. There's your brain is strange question. What's your brain straight answer. Closed out WL I sprains strains into your answers and succeeds or 1949 holiday shopping 50% of us admit to accidentally. Having done this we think. Thought it duplicates. The scenes. With it. Well I hate to say my mom does Carolina. Well Jill why why net and then later shall say to me I can't find it after the sugar by another. And that she finds the first one yeah. Well my mom and we have since this it's a hectic and it's going to end and no cattle agent leaving his stubbornness or on the. A little bit here and actually valued at. It's a moral one out of port I'd that was an Adele was agenda on how. And I guess. 6641 idea for an eye when you haven't figured out on the brains during this morning while holiday shopping 50% of us don't admit to accidentally having done this Google truly and we need to have and another good brain string like he's yet to the party and you forgot that yeah the airline Apollo. I've got to do occur. The ground. All these things are easy to do this sets a frantic Demi. W all straight straight is six explore what ninety point 915% of us admit debt as Italy having done this during the holiday shopping. What is I believe it or who need someone behind epic story. Jim's last scene lead your merchandise or your guess the thought that your Sony let me be a no that's not. Mike port mother we had somebody gives her family she did that a couple times she'd get in the car like Conan heads in the hole we formed by. Public. I. Mom was finally get that many kids like old one still the store it. Time yeah. Asks that you get here today TOW. Let's raise rates exist or 19 point 915% of a admit to accidentally having done this folder and the holiday shopping are murdered her at their car after car to. Gallagher Kurt Kurt blew up Lowell who another kid just doesn't need but that's not that he's in thanks for your participation and holly if good morning W always green street honey do this morning and I think things are trying to exit six or when I put tiger ready to answer urgent. Maybe okay 50%. May be the biggest damn near 50% of resident accidentally having done this we'll do in the holiday shop that. Not getting the victory seats and I bet not because I did a good reminder. And yes it is a great reminder any eight year thanks for the helpful remind you and sixties or one out of port I'm 50% of us and it accidentally having done this will help Lucia. Well I have done after that worry our charter. Ali yeah. Not clear how. Trying alone. It's a popular deuces in the hands of six more one sided point I didn't 15% of listening to accidentally eats pending numbness. Only shot. Is. There any product like mine and I got try to get it wrong art board there's the race. Yes well accidentally got the rub her and she Eddie. What are you re I mean I doubt they're a lot but it might color unlike Josh you haven't actually got in the car. Track the current. And he ended exit China started in everything you're like wait a minute. I don't like and what do you got it wouldn't you guys not Jarno and turn the brain. Not viewers are ready to go holiday shopping without. And give significant for downtown Madison yeah. And yeah. Don't think you blew it was shooting from.