1/3 of women do not like this on a man

Tuesday, February 13th


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Classic hits got a four point nine W all except for your morning greens drain question does store. Morning BS this morning didn't you guys geared up for Valentine's Day if you look at love tomorrow and bring a Valentine in the you should know this. New survey says a third of women do not like this aren't millions. So think about to take a look in the meager if you have let us remember a third of women do not like this on their guy. There's your brain strain good Burke. Come on hurry water park passes for tool. And you automatically qualify for a Kalahari overnight stay for you in your Valentine that if you don't know what this did you want to tell you have that price. 6641949. Jim and Jerry's standing by three or greens drain answer. WR it's important. Ferraro's tunnel are seeing how are you are just fine wonderful to hear. So did you hear the question from Jim and irony there are okay. Well jail. Third of women are turned off by Guidant has noticed you don't want this if you look at for Valentine's you can go I don't know what is. I'm gonna show you walk your brother of James Beard. Here is the correct answer right off the day meals the however. And women don't want a guy with a B that's hilarious so he was going to see a wife who already has a lot different up. I'm. Not. Yeah I know that we're in this. Matter until it doesn't apple will. On the timing and Donna and.