1/3 of people on Earth can not do this...what ?

Wednesday, March 14th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WO elect spoke on the morning Jim interior with your morning via us. The green stringing question for this morning. Insert 66419. Point nine answered correctly today he'll win the American Heart Association. Multifamily diet cookbook some. Healthy recipes for your family not only Al David. Tasty too cool there's your prize this morning. Question this morning is 13 of people on planet earth can that do business. But he has the talent but. 13 of people out predators cannot do this there is your brain strain questions that would always. Rain street called sixty sport yeah I would you know the answer to. People on the scene tonight uniqueness. And then fired Rick so. No just answered yeah. It's just. No news or not. Right now I think citrix yeah. Even though one night and didn't even show us again. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I. Keep trying. It. Thanks to try and the Braves strain you can 26641. To put my third of people are saying they cannot do this I want a little more time. Whole lot of terrible well. He'll a couple of plumber like in a bar her rhetoric mean not a not a drinking bar product which was good exercise. Are there aren't you using your closet right. I'm not that your age yet and it is up to take could be taken to the hospital it. Experts in the art comes down and markings traditional English and handling the sixties or when I put my pretty are three straight answer to that question sort of people on. It's cannot do this we're older and older tongue. Doesn't do ideas in. You thinks guys are all crisis and now like I was six guess it was still in when the American Heart Association. Healthy family recipes cookbook for your current instance that morning is the W Orleans green street and sixty score one on one night. Third of people say they can't do this morning and I'm an act what. Whistle we see on. I can't whistle and you. Did you really out one night when your at a sporting event that's like my. Now that it can't get them it's not like Denzel couldn't pass snapping him but he stuff. Don't feel like spring streets of people on her CD and not do us older and curled card to home. Then be the biggest here. Can come in rapidly your W moments restraint question this morning 664 when you write for your answers to people are stating cannot do this war. Well whistles to guesses for whistle right. That's a great chance that you wish it was the right Jensen not yet but we'll keep you well think you have a good day on happy. W all sprains strains six explore one out before I'm a third of the people honored simply cannot do this well I'm. That. There to deal cannot tell. Who'll. I can't look how she thought through that GM isn't Smart. We're glad to win the I have to ask I really and unfortunate that's not the right answer them. All right I don't play the. Yeah. I don't keep track I ask you put it all and you do you. I had been a puppet W strains strains 66413. Of people locker city tend not do this. This are not worrying. Me. Who. Not all flights at senior AutoNation too much caffeine energy I. Like always set mean she's close. That's a really good drive. Are laying long accused the yeah oh definitely raise any question in play here they're deep letter simply cannot do this. They didn't walk out and that's a special talent. Is there is good I'm. Since you've had gotten very little yell at lunch is ill and it is at the end. Let your weekends you're hoping at. Yeah yeah and the. We want photographic tour. W all ex Marines strayed Jerry and I are open your columns from certain people on earth cannot do this what is nineteenth two. And then when they don't pitchers CC could. I'm drag their right now is now working for me I need a poll like your tongue was image over your stretch on into the. That it could get it in the event is once you can't. And then all really. It's tops the whole thing. Answer yeah the key animals on the right when it looks at 64130. People on earth simply cannot. They don't because you're a big result below 2%. Us. And didn't dance. It's true. It's cancer did not against the. I'm not into. Ontario. While we're sitting here. According to. What do you think. And let's let their finger clarity and snap your fingers I'm serious. You do that's a that's a good thing it means you like to songs when I do. Act your love and goodness you love of the classic hits an inflamed right I don't know as he I think that's what you did. All now not get a grip to death so I don't snap and I think all of you girls got rid of my opponent. It's just that they do not to sign a part do you think you know that what's your name. Kevin minor.