1/25/17 Starting Winter Over

Wednesday, January 25th


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For those of us who lost all our snow during the warm spell over the past several weeks it feels like we're starting over again in the southern third of Wisconsin a lot of lakes lost their shore ice so for southern Wisconsin lakes ice fishing was kind of over west. With eight to ten inches of solid ice out away from shore stone wearing only lasted about ten days in southern Wisconsin so hopefully we get enough small to open some of those trails again. In northern Wisconsin while the snow gives our trails little refreshment and being a way to heavy snow it should stick the wettest heaviest snow. And it up in central and southern Wisconsin 48 inches and more and it means that the way to the lake base which puts us back of the slush lands the work involve removing this doll as another backache but it does help to keep us in shape here during the winter to be careful of all these the snow related activities including driving. Tomorrow's leaders and 930 and Dan miners 345 pressure rises at 299 a northwest winds fifteen to thirty and gusty with more snow showers I'm gonna follow its key with this evening's outdoor minute.