125 of women surveyed wish this was bigger...what ?

Thursday, April 12th


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For our classic hits many four point nine W or like spring street question we surveyed. 12% of women. That's all we could find that would talk to me 12% of women said they wish they had a bigger what. Answer this question 6641949. He will witty quick trip gift card worth 25 dollars so good luck it'll Barney based on the ambulance brings strange question this morning. Percent of women oysters was bigger. And I'm. On. All kids increase as a bigger and bigger rocks hot. Item. A girl tell me wants it wasn't the size of the of the ring there the diamond that mattered was just getting one hit. And what happened. Oh she's not with meaning. Well he's sorry debated it and certainly that's a good job really Smart yes thank you and and do you know emotions right the 66 or eight or 912% of women and a new survey we should this. Was digger. Upper arm were caught on how well your closet. Back with the bathroom kind of hand in hand with things are an. Yeah with time. I agree with a sign a bigger yeah. That's not all corporate wash U. I'm more and yet that is work viewers who writes good guesses this morning guys keep them come and we appreciate you either know my yeah. Yet don't let's brace strained that you call what's your answer. I arrived at a long learning excellence there are few rule makes you W all greens straight percent of women who certainly wish this was the the leader who what is. Auto morning are ordered that will be at the kitchen yeah ho ho ho ho huh. Yes it's not it's summer the like gosh I know. So all these are really convention committee answers gangs won't tell your calls brain strain succeeds or wanted to or not. 0% of women in his certainly wish this was bigger bigger wouldn't. Yes. That's the direct brain strain. They want a bigger booty yeah it's a lot but why each. Other wrote it. Yeah he's percent surveyed lot of. Style com more Josh well. I'm more jobs in the truck to look at bat like this is a question at you must really like to. It and we. You know we get that bigger bode ulyetza Glazer don't. So if you hit it even quicker guitar and oh dear what surname in Poland who.