12 % of us have hung on to this from our youth...what ?

Wednesday, March 7th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa McConnell in the morning. Jim interior just in time for your morning BS yes we're knee deep in the BS every morning with a brain strange question. Question is sporting some say it's good to hang out assumption premier youth so ashamed of your listening to us this morning. Sitting gearing your. Put it to jam us. All percent of us have hung on to this. From our youth what is an answer correctly you'll had tickets for the war shell that's right he head bangers. Here band hall of famers crystal grand show march 30 we'll see in the air Carla the wind. At WLX 6641. Not deport I answered the green stream questioned. And say our border issues. Almost she moves I have seen people do you have to WL or sprains strains succeeds or want any part and answered question this morning 12% of us. The wannabes from our hair and that is that there are totally they're all that's. And that's my favorite so far we've that was it that these non. That's already on. Any fuel up all means something he and I love then yes. We're ready and round. And after all night lol I'm out here and you have the ruling. Radar O'Reilly had man shoots at. Are they good morning this is W all the lakes the great street 66490. Ready to make an answer. I. ID plus 12% of discipline on the ones. It'll play bought me. Back. The tip of pictures but yeah that recycling bin it is 664149. Question this morning that he wears a lot of money coming he'd stumbled. Volleys obviously it would I don't of these from our unique. When he heard a road where they're great get that light it's long like light as did dear Jane I. Hot hot you're WLX rays today 66 point SATA port I know all percent of us have hung onto this remind you so well. Luckily it appears it's Ollie. A straight answer is lovingly call my. It's really child of the seventies perhaps. We haven't yeah. He's in the minds and their car I would do. Okay so bad that I. I ran the Hollinger we'll check axle plant in motherland is the answer is presented we're not going to. I was earning good.