12% of singles find this unattractive in an online dating proffile. What do they find so unattractice ?

Tuesday, January 16th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W elects not gonna morning. Jim interior with this morning's brain strain question answered it 66419. Point nine if you answered correctly. You win a family four pack of tickets. For the lake home and Cameron should all question this morning world of the online dating arm people into that these 12% of people find this eternal hope. I'm an online dating profile. To those looking for love online in 12% of them find this a turn off. On an online dating profile. Call us with your brain string guess now and WLX. Prosecutor. Sounds here to tell you this morning. Oh my gosh you're not gonna melt any time soon you're looking nor a lot easier deedrick. All. All that happens it up and I think the big 12% of singles are turned off by this on an online dating profile what could that be. Much money where how much money you negligent what you read it in these students not necessary to try a little Roseanne's agreed gas sneezing colds. From teeth to people who didn't get it it it it it it. Tell your legs racer in you know. Are pretty good are you doing there on time. And pretty I don't say how all went yeah. Yeah I did. It at all. 8% up people are turned off by this one of those online dating profiles the dummy online dating. You know all all the time. Yeah yeah. Another hero and the leader. Yeah. Yeah. Clearly and could cripple every year end and I guess and Steve Ballmer so people turned off when there's an ugly dvd profiler your brain string. I found error and I think one KK. When someone says ask him I'm told I'm good looking. You've heard all the cool. Or name a little fun that you're the most. The whole G innocence always asked why he admitted to try not to look trying to not pop out. I. Then why noted. That he too aggressively WL I snowboarding. Paid 12% of people just turn off my visit online dating profile. Otter is with air. And. You know wow yeah needs or even an ad. I guess that's the idea is not a good one. I own mock I have to. What does it. Well it. W all braves 312% of people turned off my goodness online dating profile could be I grabbed her during her pictures eyeglasses doesn't. There's a while his ex Michael is dumped in the end it's still hot the feet are her parents. Does Illinois made you look Smart I don't think eyeglasses are attractive little. I won't have to be determined therapeutic idolize popular ever since the DT shoes medial animal forum. You don't dog and wanna go see them you know blank and of course he said to making passes at people who Wear glasses you. Yeah eyeglasses are rarely turn off 12% of people like this is convening this stupid that's the right answer. Yeah incumbent has terrorized and she does she didn't think I touched a strong yeah. Some food. Had glasses can be sent us here gets that then sexy delectable book yeah. Heard recruited yeah institutes of glass is your pick how all the not not not an out of let's get a proper got currents Dallas last date. Peterson.