12 Days of Christmas Give-aways on McGaw in the Morning #3

Wednesday, November 22nd

Day 3 of our "12 Days of Christmas Give-aways" on McGaw in the Morning!

We've joked about the great toys for big kids we are giving away (seriously, we have gifts like an ipad, Apple Watch, even a flight to Vegas), and how I accidentally called our gifts in Jolly Jim's sack, "adult toys." Whoops.

It didn't scare Mary Jo Shannon of Mineral Point from reaching in the sack for a gift. What did she find?

You'll have to listen...


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Number I played the okay you're ready I'm ready I called this big bad boy advance game here today just for it shows so yeah. Greg did not in the stat. You're known parent you're gonna pay you die in if you if we're not sure what then there's a beach. OK what what what are you finding or maybe what you feeling in there. I mean I know. You're right you're right there ya know what it is is an Amazon player's stick free meal. Already I'm lucky cat okay so this Amazon by your stick I was just reading up on it this is still cool is plugs into your TV. And basically what you're able to do is stream any contents that's on Wi-Fi ain't silly to you to move on net flakes. Any of those things you can actually stream it right on your TV. Yeah. Do you like don't ask well. Happy holidays happy Thanksgiving and I guess so Merry Christmas right. They're too you know our rent or edit edit edit it based on Mary Joseph and Mary Joseph Shannon have been points. And how it's done here Syrian this is good I am probably going to dry cleaning here for years ago I didn't. Well good good bring it back up clean and nice and ready for some words yes this on my neck pain Monday on the kids incredible list surprises here HD radios. Bose headphones. I've had yet to win a trip to Vegas speak. Those things delivers carrying around a trip to Vegas and its stack secondly lighter for each year include news that's a good and pillage.