11% of us have actually postponed an impending breakup for thia reason...what reason ?

Thursday, January 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WOX button on the morning dew and teary with this morning's brain stream question who would this was gonna. Turner of the old guilty conscience have you ever done this. 11% of us have postponed a break up with someone. For this reason. Breaking up is hard to do little in the immortal words of Nielsen lack of 11% of us have postpone a break up with someone knew we had to do it but we. Post on the break up for this reason that. There's your brain strain column answer correctly Willa family support check you tickets for the league home and Camden show. 26 of the twentieth of January anti land energy center there's your prize your rig awesome prize from WO Alex. They video. Breakup with anyone lately about what it would have been looked good those 11% of us have postponed the breakup coming in because of this reason. Tragedy in the air more Elmo your normal experiences. On my. Look here golf not for the next I would hope that someone would put him off doesn't own. Seeds W all his brain strange people vaccine 11% of us actually have. Postponed a break up was someone who because of this season. Working with a broken up with had a bad days to Iran need years in the media were song yeah. Non that you feel bad so all I all. Of you aren't totally and completely committed at least the next day he attempted a hot. How. Do you imagine they had a bad day I have some more bad news right yeah. Out. Hit the road yankees I guess that's not it Jim not that he can't try them all all their role and then now here at six explore. 109 into the greens stream question this morning 11% of us and actually postponed a break up because of this reason. I. And I. Hi this tell and Jerry's subs uncannily I hope it could create the don't be a good reason not to break up with someone but I do I. That. I know and I don't I get patted some pretty and they go by. I want you to. W all extreme strain can be answered succeeds Warren Moon and we're kind of what you gonna do it for a 011% of us have. Plus one to break up with someone who doesn't business. Always did you get there aren't you doing here at all. Alone in this. The reason you don't really have no idea hey. But yeah. WR sprains strains questioned the 6641 on four and on what should he didn't. I don't think there are eleven people and players like now riding. Our champ. Plug and go on what to do what he didn't. In you don't wanna give me your ideas but yeah. It's something that our ally in the second part of your answers to wrap your head about nice trip to. It was painful ordeal many have. And I'm thirty. And nice trip. You got to the second part your answers is. Strip of land on. On our. City and says I'll fall Friday. Night and good and bad things they're really. Let's whoever yeah so do my dear has to do is still gone to Trenton tomorrow that calm and hope and great. A little hot. After. These color now. Now I can still trip and then you guys stepped up I have to tell you can be dangerous on the plane right into. Point that you read about me and show more the word yeah. You can't see it takes to the next level yeah. Birds contributor John Boehner and almost your name yeah. Laying out. And jelly and W all he's got a winner what was your gives to the greens dream. It was Shaq so. And I didn't. The girl and doing the breaking up. How did and I'm sorry that's the eighty's yeah. You saw the news.