11& of us did this over the weekend. What were we doing?

Monday, November 20th


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Madison's home for the holiday is there any four point nine W Rolex time for the world famous green screen questioned. When the guy on the morning Jim and Jerry asking you this morning 11% of us did this. Over the weekend to what you over the weekend 11% of us did this. Over the weekend Terry actually did this class which he calls a 66419. Point nine a Winnie downtown Madison. Gift certificate not going shop in downtown Madison to really you know nowadays there's Jimmy awesome prize when you're into the brain strain this morning at W elect. Doing all. Good. Over there around lake bed they this can't. Humane society want to all the. I. Don't. They're it is correct three straight answer from Jody. In spring green this morning 11% of us do this over the weekend put up their holiday decorations. And his her music put him in the mood. Brain strain winner Jody when his aide John Tom Madison gift certificate for. Shop and in downtown Madison shot not medicine all lit up like never before. Holy season with WO Alex.