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Friday, November 18th


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It's good morning every run and we can with a fresh brain strain this morning totally eighty's weekend is coming up this weekend we're doing some totally eighties. Movie trivia just call me agent. Double load 94 point nine James Bond movie trivia tell me the first the first and the last bond movie. Okay 1980s. And you're going to see guys are nice the shows that the majestic come up in December when all of our entertainment funds are little tapped out. After the holidays. Kristen on the phone for the brains drinkers and hope you're enjoying this weather's not gonna last 58 now gonna drop while we think the answer is for that question. Our career or rain that's the first one you're halfway there Kristin from sun prairie for your eyes only the first bond movie in the eighties with the what's the last. Politely tell. Yes. You kneel to talk to our first guest this morning on the phone Christian troops on curry gets that envelope back to bad could it couldn't.