11-17-16 85% of Women do this.mp3

Thursday, November 17th


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Oh classic hits Donnie four point nine W election go on the morning 85% of women do this adequate rights only 55% and guys do this when. Using the restroom Steve for medicine what is the answer to a question what they do in the restroom that they do right that we do wrong. June got washed or implement when you. They wash their hands that is right Steve your goal until a show called guys' eyes and all this weakling you're going to content. Up north reported good luck here here are good luck grolier steel on the brain strain tickets for guys' eyes. At the majestic in Madison and killing 55% of guys wash their hands if it hit 85% of women. Probably that Hitler probably that 55 present Steve doesn't include. Surgeons Dennis and the guy that made breakfast a Smart.