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Wednesday, November 16th


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Can you are awake just in time for our brain strain this morning nice don't want to print screen phone number 2811949. Brain strain question. 100%. Of lottery winners of everybody who's won the lottery. Experience is this home and your answer. Good for tickets to see guys and I said the majestic 281190. Point nine for the brain strain and Lyndon. Golf church shocked. Good guess but not the one more look at fourth thanks for trial Melinda canoe accident. On highway forty near Oregon you drive safely okay yeah I have a nice day thank you Linda brain strain question 100% of everybody who wins the lottery have does this happen what what are this. Call their mother. Mulder Mulder too good guests who than answers sue your really brought out a Libya good market did that studied there either sue the thing. Jason has ginza sharp guy even when coming off the graveyard shift money I did eight years ago that's a tough one of the Jewish or was it cookie is born with that answer. A big cash jackpot what is that Jason. What do you think happens. He soared two goal lead at the answers review of the tickets to see guys are I used majestic theatre show comes up. In December when we're all broken can afford tickets he's got a for free over the correct answer this morning on the brain strain. 100% of lottery winners report that after winning the big jackpot eat. You Jane wait. Another monitor brain strain contestants of the smartest Iran.