10% of us are still paying for this...what?

Friday, May 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO Lex looked on the morning Jim teary. Yesterday on the brain strain I'll look into your fridge today hit which can keep your credit card statements 10% of us. Are still paying for this that's our dream street this morning you can answer it 664194910%. Of us. Are still paying for this. What is that lingering deal here's your brain strain correct answer wins the broadcast fund pac prod bucks and ride passes through the protest. Next weekend already with WO Alex W likes brains strain that cancer hotline good morning what's your answer. We enrolled student loans. He's staying in there for a long time no match. Yeah you can. That's a good guess integrate gases according his wish there was evidence now we're glad you called us. W alleged brains strain at 10% of us still paying for this. That's our question what's your answer. First period Thursday night. And they. Yeah it's not designer and sit it. The only lays off 10% of us still injured misty can answer succeeds or woman's mind what's your answer. Yeah I didn't have it hanging neurons to lol yeah. Man up popular popular gas is on ten. Through a couple of million I had no hope DA you get a big job to get our colleagues are not people did last week and this. Can tell this due to a conference what are. Whose fruit could give us on the breezy should get 10% was still paying for this. Yes all alerted us right yeah. So I shot. I heard credit card bills from Christmas tend to linger until I least like Jew I did not even think of that I know wow. Hopefully they enjoyed that thoughtful gift you bought this can't get worse. Laura in oh my god. That is right on the money that's why I know us is I used to paying for your Christmas gifts no good treatment didn't I was this order.