10% of us are afraid to wear...what?

Tuesday, August 7th


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So nasty four point nine WLX. Strain strain which my daughter in the morning. That's against any four point nine W or Lexus Wisconsin's morning for me and it's her and I are really excited about this cry. As we really like the sweet corn festival I. I sweet corn festival prize packs lower gas plays and have fun. Amen it always is always fun you've guaranteed me I'll waste from there I do like did I am I'm a onetime. Onetime event known and loved it. All right we'll win one of these and enjoy this. Roll was quoted on the question this morning slightly under 10% of us heavy fear of wearing this. We airing something to win over freedom winner. Probably something you get sweet corn on her own good. You'll always at a hint already all actually know the senate today it still under 10% of us have a fear of wearing what call us with your answer here at 66 or one got to put I'm looking forward to your golf. Well. Boomers get errors this event I think you know you look at all of you. Hit yet. WL I sprees during good morning. Aren't paid. About fear of wearing one. Halloween do. Oh home. I love that answer yeah a good he's used to be fun I don't think it's as fun as an adult I don't think that's what's your whereas the hook yeah. Yeah and fans but that's not it is a jog I. Adding iron. My favorite answer though W let's bring it straight 10% of us have a fear of wearing. One. What you're wearing a 10. Poll on the interest team as civilians who it was it did not horrible. W let's pretty straight 10% of us have a fear of wearing what it's. Already. The move. In another good guess that that's not it not a terror but the good ones keep coming here yeah yeah. 810% of us and a fear of of where and why and Nolan Nolan as well we're counting on you. Quite. Well zero worker who he is the whole whole legacy get a lot of things on white clothing him. Especially if you Wear white in the winter although that's no longer a bad thing instant. Thank you can Wear or any time in your word when I had healing being and no. I'd I always like to this week or just allowed to protect our. All I am nice narrow big guest this morning thanks for your added he earned on loan. 664 wanted to put my 10% of us have a fear of wearing want. You know high heel yeah I T gas. And no person in real treacherous. They can be. And so there is a white high heels pulled the guess is what he always good morning. Our our growing outbreak when all that you would be folly and we didn't what do you think 10% of us have a fear of wearing lots. When her and hang his hat knows a good Kessel. Team played golf execs were when we're going to present let's have a fear of wearing lots. Were you there is just. Not long my guy you should accept that it. Loan. I got a pair of his or not super style editor at people afraid of all the different. Anchorman may be well yeah I guess if your read 18 am that's different you have your own bowling shoes. You bet yeah. I regular bowler. Her book and that I don't need it you might not named yeah who couldn't and it would probably tell. How hole. What's your average could we ask if they could what what yeah. Mike and Jerry I don't have to deal with it you probably would much better than what mine would be murderer. I routed to our own to. We are bringing. Won't fly until I just want it doesn't end when you said two and thinking you're gonna say 21 me. Just join me in general because that's about what mine would be. Are. Our. Wow all. Blue is this that the utility average it's that it that you do all bark so arms yeah aid and our area. Sarah Burton did W go to the court asked who they are. Why is now. And you're going Norton. Clad Jimmie and jam got me an Allen. Prize Bob congratulations saw us loaned him.