10% of people would not mind taking this a temporary job. What?

Thursday, November 9th


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Classic hits got a four point nine W elect smoke on the morning timid Gerri what another. On our survey that puts you right back to sleep when you're trying to get up and get to work you can answer is six explore. 1949 survey shows that 10% of people would not mind this temporary job. Our anyone might have did it take this temporary job there's your brain strain well a package of Johnson bill proxy yummy and instantly qualify to win the Johnson bill says Clinton's sausage grill. You'll giveaway tomorrow morning pummeled on the morning with a WO Alex good morning and thank you for Collins. Region here don't know my son little irony but you don't marketing com all right yeah they've all 10% of us would not mind this for a temporary job. Auto Wal-Mart greeter at Wal-Mart Greer they're always nicer to play up there and editor Kurt serve. And volley. It's like you get right speakers or cancer. That sent him the biggest. In the. It don't illustrates 360 or 190 cults and Tiki probably know 10% of us would not mind this for a temporary job. The airport carry her looks. Whoa. Jim that's right a PR and B if I would mind. I just told everyone you like food they could build a good guess none quite that you deal. W illustrates straight sixty Sorrell and coordinate to answer that question 10% of us would not mind this is a temporary jobs. Still a major Watson who is important job. Paula welcome is that right now yeah. Now and it is and everybody else or dealt. Well about the W illustrate story 10% of his would not my goodness as a temp jobs. You know appeared but it. Takes a step above the food even better the food. Except. Is that right just not our I can't answer and we'll do you think it could make a. A WR Alexi and you're so glad you call this morning Narnia. What instead. Of us would not mind this is a temp job what is the dogma. Of all of it clear quote that is at the mall. All sit on ever would have guessed that all cities that's coming right up all night and exit this weekend he arrives at the ball nearly as theory now weigh in on its soul it's my sweet and actually drives it was time. Not in Jersey there's to a Santa's would you place Santa and yet you. I'll were out of the kids you all now on the half I think your qualified for the position I'd that he you know no I'm not crawl but I but I would do it. I didn't know let's look let's not give up so couldn't give us your mobile hole here. Can you do a whole role. Now yeah. We want to help you fit and does Santa's pants with a with a budget brought words. Or edit it. They bought it from Berkeley art community he sat there again I'm old at the delicious Johnson still brought to begin any better than that and thinks. I know what's your name streaky. All right Winnie the century CE.