10% of people say this is the hardest food to finish

Wednesday, September 27th


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Lee Madonna morning at world famous green screen question with teary bar called 6641. Not a part I would you already answered this in this brace your question this morning 10% of people see this is the hardest fully distinguish once she started eating its we are respected here on the brain strain this 6641949. You win the Gemma my pearl company. 45 dollar gift card. Internet pretty straight budget away and good luck WRX brains strange question time for reinsert her column I think the answer. Boy I think he entered our members. It's just starting. Could you. That would wake yup because I didn't know they TD no that's not studying the Braves can do you like The Beatles are well. Home your think your. It's like MRI. Here. Don't feel like 664191. Item in the rain streaming let's get 10% of people surveyed seeing this. The hardest and loudest I'm eating it which is starting to lose. Legs hard boiled me. Good. Go ahead and they're clear headed yeah. Here yeah I. Total protein there. Seasons or when out of port finance. Through the green screen question which is this morning 10% of people sirte discussing this is the hardest to stop eating when she started beating. French fry the all know that sounds good right now. Incentives to get stops sorry law and that's what I'm against us once again I can play this game and it's. Terabyte of what it is illegal aliens are bridge right as yeah. 10% of the Eagles are raising this is an artist who does stop eating when you started eating it doesn't need to set. The table that's. Great guests need to know that yes but it's not all the united. Good morning in the WR let's raise her innocence explorer one point nine and number of these calls that you know the answer except 10% of people surveyed say this is an artist who does stop. I'll be eating lots of stuff. I have only been to be jelly beans. What's your favorite color prayer Annie to laugh. And grandma I'm. It's still very. You'd like jelly beans Jim thanks jelly beans or moon and I. And I'll tell yeah bringing its REW alleged raised 10% of people say this is the hardest. I'm meeting which stern. Iron Cockburn on home the only and we need my answer. And it's still it's a good. Do you know yeah. I didn't know it. Yet. And dry yeah. Yeah they WL. It's pretty strange still didn't really answer to the questions at present people surveyed say this is a harness slowed his style meetings once he's done. We're gonna kill echo. 00 yum not young young young. And now and I Dahl I thought well I'd you know and he asks. She needs. Yeah I heard it yeah. These kids don't realize RAZR is 66 or 199%. Of the conservatives say this is not artist who. I'm gonna wishing doesn't. But I sandlot really takes a lot. My answer would be always pretty straight policies explorer one and brownie got it figured out 10% deeds are rated this is the hardest fluid. Stop reading what you've got start. At. The stage you know so those are good two months don't yeah. How are not they do you have a good day to put your ice grains strains sixers are 100 lines we don't you know since you called that number. 10% of people surveyed say this is the hardest food to stop eating. Once you started to beat. Maybe she wouldn't give would be yes is there any. So they are it is how I want to be good Wisconsin the answer how he asks yeah. It's he's even was asking Jim earlier not she's currencies through the cold or the fried month's now this just seems she's. And we are. You with you we got to favored de Jesus or. Canceled residents down I like dialect coverage to those who who who's. And seasons I see night is cool yeah lack. Ads and he will argue. Your way at all.