1 in 4 drivers admit they do this on a daily basis ?

Tuesday, July 25th


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It's the look on the morning with Terry Barr world famous. Green stream question dial 664. 194 and I was your correct answer all of this week to win a roses concert tickets Tora dubbed. Shows on November 7. Question this morning. Want it in four drivers now admit that they do it's. On a daily basis and is opulent one in four drivers admit they do this on a daily basis Collison win the W Olin lacks brings three. 00. Cool how or why Powell probably true here it was canceled boy if I could've sworn I saw a guy. Drinking a beer driving is the extra ticket you would even try to hide it into gold cup pretty big at this time on the dude did you sneak you in danger. I had and ice on it the end could continue moving why a couple. I'm but not remotely that are helping me. That's not it. That he hadn't been night. And big yeah. Is it. Couldn't hear video that's all I am not a good idea there is in all how. You all. How are yeah yeah yeah. W all ex braves trade you call 6641. And weren't you must know he answered this question. New survey says won all four drivers admit that they do this on a daily basis. Didn't think going Lugar. I you don't do that do you never know her her a good safe driver. Mr. good samaritans that. Man hey you know and I go to C dozen roses on my mind and confusion on. Paying little head bigger Izzy. Were routed out and think yeah. Our. All you what's your name ethnic Asian all right Jason what's your sons these chartered go to all right you'll. The ball fine Jason and Dakota who watchable thing in your heads coming up November 7. And we want pictures to Yasser. A million little while admirable what will try to yes you guys are going to the evil Harris Bradley Center November 7.