02/08/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - dark art, and the world that inspires it.

Wednesday, February 8th

02/08/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Sam "Mister-Sam" Shearon discusses his work as a "dark artist." His work has graced the covers of many albums/CDs, movie posters, comic books, and more including many cryptozoology books.Plus your phone calls, and more.


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And he's staying true anymore to remind you. Friend and colleague Jason Hawes who cannot join me to injuries and of course welcome everybody to be on reality radio JV Johnson here Jason of course. In California working on a project that is kind of moment top secret but a little bit secret won't learn about it soon enough. Rommel know what's going on shortly on tribute to report on when he gets back a little bit anyway. But anyway you know it's me solo tonight so our broken have a great night regardless of in Jason's gonna jump into chat a little bit later so if you're looking to chat with him he can do that there. On a couple things I always like to remind you want to be sure to visit her FaceBook page that beyond reality radio right on FaceBook also stop by the web site. That's for the chat room is if you would like to participate in chat if you haven't been there you don't know we're missing causes like going number just go to the fate the website. Click on listen live you can continue to listen Bayh would've I mean you are currently listening by but you can join the chat room there and to participate. And a lot of great insight and discussion. Particularly about of the things will be talking about during the course of the show and tonight got actually a pretty special. Show lined up we are going to be and talking with the set Sam Sharon little bit later in the program he's. Known as mr. Sam he's a British dark artist he specializes in pork. And science fiction his work includes many many different things often inspired by vintage tales of monsters. And mad men dark futures oppose a pot. The lipstick genres and classic literature a lot more stuff like daddy's worked for musicians he's worked for comic books. He's worked for TV shows he's worked for a crypto zoologist like Lyle Blackburn. On he'd worked with Seth breedlove. The director of small town monster series of films many many more things and will level have a great conversation with him. Over the later in our program at. First in number to get right to discuss treatment teasing it for awhile now we're gonna bring our good friend. Chris QWERTY you know in to the program because 01 look Chris welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show is always. Aren't out yet and this was kind of a last minute saying there was a video posted I think you may have shared it on your FaceBook page. About some guy who was driving past the Amityville horror house. You know the house and Amityville New York that you lived in as a child for what 28 days. And they said they caught an image of a girl and did they show them driving by you kind of seat quickly then there's a replay of it in slow motion is a little girl. In the footage tennis feeds in fades out and before I tell you what I think I'm really anxious to hear what you think of that video footage. What are some auto and shared it discarded by the and I. You're not merit here infect my comment or ago. Conquer it if I'm not convinced and is that they're almost there. At the I tell you the first yeah the first thing I thought was that looks like the girl from the movie the ring and looks like the same girl at aura maybe it was the grudge one of those two horror movies it Doug did you did you see that connection. I didn't catch. I mean yeah. No no idea what are you there yet. I media you know the the problem with these videos in the guy you know the guy claims obviously all claim that is legitimate just drive by snapping some video of the house and lo and behold later he looks he sees the image of this goes stand out. Somebody put on their I don't know was that town look like one of the failed girls of course the disabled families the family that was murdered while they slept buy out their eldest son. Ronald butch to sail on in 1974. BGC did you see any connection within it fails and then. Meant image. No why. We haven't been video here in yeah I know we're talking about the same video I mean I don't know who made that comment I just I clearly think through the recent. That was ridiculous but. I'd continue to march goes in there aren't you were still on the loose devote more there was some story. On the net. The that's a CC didn't believe it appeared in twist or were Arab. You know it all people get cold spring and maybe we'll leave it because you have appeared in terms ruined our. Just click what was CNN news or dominant topics. Brown our stories emerge. Label books for people who are trying to. And Mench to stick yeah builder. Than most people international. Yet all we know I mean we know that you know of getting your story here and and the the the legend that has been created. Sense you have in your family told your story I mean and you can't say the word Amityville without thinking about Huntington's pontoons in ghost has become. It's become like Kleenex has become to tissues is almost it's almost its own. Category. On but you know ever since they had in the movies. You know there's just all sorts of trickery and you know whether it's Hollywood doing this or whether it's people like this YouTube guy. On throwing these videos up I mean he had a camera with a number was he had. A lot of views on that video assume you know their guess there's a motivation to do it. Anything to me so are the things I guess that's true says both big news. There's been what well just to number eighteen but there's no longer a and it and I'm learning to review it. And name. It there's like. Number nineteen in production. So it's been done. Nineteen different so you're using the handy little story to story is a basis didn't even as the name is. You kick after the news there are rated the enemy and on film it is. Do. Marist there's Crocker often just sit literature you know try to kill her and we hear only good news schools there. You know like I said it's it's the name is instantly the name is instantly recognizable so it's lot of filmmakers particularly horror filmmakers will use that to their advantage. Well I think government try to pick your religion you know we're just you know. Are there. Yet that's one thing we need to talk about a first like this when it just going back to this video for a second I think the consensus and our chat room is that it is you know a lot of people see the same things were seeing whether it's in that though the brain. In the girls from the rallying or something else but. There I don't think there's I got there yet I don't think there's anybody that I've seen in Chad at this point that's that think to that thinks it's legitimate it's so easy to take those things now that. That you know it's being done all the time but. You're in New York you happen to be right in the area of the house I'm working on a different project right. You know we're here. On my own project there they're great it was a long road in the nose and stepped up washing indeed he's the inauguration. When he had to go at least program. And won't continue to. Begin link in what will be. Well you'll ever and looking at what I recruit as culpable. From. Via inauguration. Create. That's right we're let's talk about that in a second because that's that's a completely. That's just a very strange story in in your on the news and an all sorts of things of that but what's can you tell us anything about the movie about the project to work now. Well it means to be true it would really happen. In who. So I came. What can your driven here and make sure you probably. Won't. Work. You turned and did you despair anger at bill this is an Indy over Meehan. And then. My dream to own it they're recruited for more muted but. Didn't count on the approved with a professional and adults in this yeah. Particularly sold. Will release a unique and original in June it is. I need to be. Well in the end of June that can you smallest one everywhere advocate. And true. Almost could have anybody getting involved calling. Alex and it won't what are their. So. Isn't. Yet Sid so the folks know serie I saw some questions floating through Chad Chris court Tino also known as Christopher Laats. Is part of what's family that lived in the Amityville house you moved in in December of 1975. Right in it was a date. And then you 28 days later the family left not in fear of their lives and the story has become in this infamous we told. As the Amityville horror in the book by. I think Chris he does so what I'm getting here is the movie that you're making with your own camera and your own sweat equity in your own you know heart. Is oh an effort to set the record straight on the whole Amityville horror story. Yen and the booms that are built a world on the problem. Our pinnacle that it is the previous group program or will it be. And producer that'll if you're in your big different. Warren do wood on it. I'm. You know. I was I was going to be. In the near you what was the difference between really have been there how. Were written a book. Inept at coming dweller in my thirties. I couldn't answer a question ability and I didn't look at the water did. The commitment not true or if it was the big difference. It. The week described in the book is that we moved in and help and we are a couple of blown up there. Well Romo went broader picture there and we're well. There and that we became the victim of the aisle. And he became a hero to ailing. Cuban at. Big difference. There. You know we moved adult. What can you wanna talk about what he could do better. Well taken responsibility. Because we are remembered. Where good things that you're. You wouldn't is it me or anyone should be or you'll parent and as a result of water you don't room. That would have created a ping an inning on. And that he did the analyst community all the worst. Amanda Scott you can attacked apparently. Her two. They're continued. Probably alive figures to come. And we needed rest story. Fearing colonial and it could go back could. You know it. That's cruel to Torre know what the young people can Google is normal. We heard real or be sold story. So would that explain why one church family left. You know there were some paranormal investigations most famously by the Warren's. And they say they said they have they caught some things were beyond that there really hasn't been much truth anything reported in the home by. A subsequent owners do you think that was because. Whatever happened in the house was. Brought on by George what's his activities and when you left it left with few. Are absolutely glued you know on that yes the conditions did exist or who went in and help. As a rule could build. What what don't you know we're mobile development. Was something that wasn't. On balance. But I want you. When we'd go to the our view and we need our treatment is greater than what people. Who purchase the coast and I'm a previous resident. Critical alert. We need to know but now my walls. This. News. You know. Yeah I'm speaking of the investigations of the home after your family left in the Warren's in particular. You know there were some personal experiences that came from that investigation but. I think the most famous. A piece of evidence that came out of that investigation by and Lorraine Warren was a picture of a little boy appearing around the corner in a dork. It's called I think the demon boy photograph. Have you seen that photograph torture opinion of. Welcome you to put on Cuba has been. All sorts current perceived Boogaard. As a youngster who notebook computers. Or knew was this review. Working program. On Bermuda they had at a later on what are those that you don't distribute it would blossom. And in some little some some of that has run as. Alone on. Talk about balance and a button. Obviously it won't do the warns. Investigation in a statement. More of a certain extent. And there is go to state general who else but on landing. On the second floor. It Kirk Cameron current trek are we at this year. Well retirement in order to restore Victor. Nurture it did. One criminal. More than one old. In June. All that stuff. Developed in some George knows what would it should collection. Problem under the squirm along car. Considerable room when Bowman grew what was pictures and keep it. When. Good to have. You know eventually earned a total stranger to recruit. I'm broke don't. Of this collection. And had a secretary or what but for what you lose your curtain. And turned to deal with photos or. Of that one particular shot though there aren't a problem. And she's been through the truth BB CNN. No human activity can be beaten in her and that's when you get older. Closer and it is only one out of the whole collection. From that aren't old rules of English at home. In the sun. It was kind of a weird wouldn't protecting well and in Georgia my sister. Would actually. Go picture in which you can. So it can set up her room. And you sit on this but what it used to. No. Don't worry that other story. That adds some credibility to attend for sure. Bill before we have to go to break I wanna get back to your project junior the sell your working on do you have an anticipated date when you're gonna have this thing ready for people to seek. My what should do it and aren't. Where does. The news interspersed. D.s and turn it and we didn't run Cameron. Who. Rent a room and didn't permit. Yeah of course noon so so this is to project to do it as you have time as time allows as time allows and down when it's done it's done in and hopefully it'll be. Everything that you're looking for and in this story will be told from one of the people who live did. And you cut through all of this this Tennessee and L legend that's been created and lies in a lot of cases over the course of the last what are we looking at thirty. Forty years forty years. 41 years ago January and without that Al. Now that that's a long time. And anybody who's really to talk about it. And I knew I was only I hadn't thought about it but it looks like it is not gonna. Saucony and it's not gonna go anytime soon my considers part of American culture no. But believe what they are owed. Well we've more. Loans that it is used on true of course is going to be. Just this bubble we're in a newcomer. Award. Or or if you're at or near. The but what you're gonna you're an American figures were here and are provided. Substantial amount. To what. It took to firmer position. It becomes apparent conclusion good. Good I investigated be visible. To conduct my child there are people looking in the case only. Luke you Ernst brainwashed human and more real at least two. Hurt I really had taken a nation know. I had stepped away and historical change my name and you'll. I was just contribute to me. And a secretive about it. And really look I mean what happened monitoring at least what really truthful as. People who are. The worst. I understood it and peca pretty dark room I had two or come under admiral look at it. When I don't own. Tutorial is is pretty deuces creepiest triple car. Ali and every time we talked you can tell there's a lot of emotion and what you're saying and that it did affect you deeply when it was happening and it did affect you deeply after. Just woods who would do everything I had to go via. Very written to compare and over. Him. Britain ticketed you know opinion instead ask guys. Don't use it much bigger picture yeah. Sorry let's take a quick break when we come back grab a couple minutes more to Chad and I don't wanna I wanna get a sense of what happened to you when you're in DC says so some forged a look pretty pretty intense. It's beyond reality radio. Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson Jason is in California filming it's a big secret don't tell anybody will be back right after this. 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Confirmed that they won't keep quiet so if you're you're you. We talk about this we don't really know what it is yet but we're gonna learn about it when he comes back. He will be back where this money speaking of that. Tomorrow night's program will most likely end up being the best of show on we have some issues with our guests are we're gonna shuffle some things around we had originally scheduled. To talk to while Paul Conley who's the author of medley Don it's not extinct. A novel about the what may or may not be a fictional creature. That roams the oceans and we we have to move him I think to the following week however Monday's program will be talking to Dennis and the long visa. Medical intuitive spiritual teacher counselor shock from master and past life. Therapist and always generates and great phone calls from book four to take your calls speaking of that our telephone numbers 8446877669. Coming up in just a few minutes. Well have our our guest tonight Sam Sharon will be talking about his artist. Are his artwork he is a dark artist has done a lot of work for a lot of different people in this cuts and really great stories tell. But in the meantime we've been Nam had a last minute guest in this form all of our good friend Christopher QWERTY you know what's. Who we've been talking about the Amityville house now. Chris one of the things that you've touched on when we first started talking. Was that way as you were making your way to New York to start filming your Europe film your movie. You made a pit stop in DC and I have I happen to see some footage online of you with a bloody face what the heck happened to you in DC. Only knows it was a outrageous or my. I glad they're one of them we're doing you know. You know we have William inauguration of the quoted as president of the united it. And now I'm glad that we have a peaceful transfer of power. It was pretty cool thing you. As a veteran and can't remember. It and our. Enjoy that. The Toby Keith concert. On the Lincoln Memorial. On village united and well all morning. For the inauguration. Loose williams' comeback from the Toby Keith concert and I'm stuck in traffic there's nobody who do you eat. We truckload of a protester ultimately they're too. And what we didn't play in Leonel were just don't yet he would do should do it and staggering. And it was so. And he'll loosen and we're stepped out of his own tropical quote would it want you guys would have been really about true that you had a problem. We have to we will conduct or at least the emotional. Well I can get pissed off sort out of my truck to flag which whom who we have no idea. Now. Well I'm putting my truck. And good guy has been used about it and shoot a moment. That it to me really wanted to you know and you. And so leg you know no. I'm let me bit elemental that's sort of on. Book and and moon after the at the inauguration. On the school really well I don't. Flag and banner banner barrels matters in Canada. Couldn't you. Pick and emotions more now. And you know and then restrict how can. Really cool he well although the veteran Louie. Lovely mother couldn't. Go into second chance to put country created there and groom. And we salute them so that no English we create. You know what they've grown in the in the evening was the parade will want to create his or. It was a great day and that was what a trip to leave and there's. Deal between Oden and people can cross these these on her way back to the moon or. We were. Down. Was interrupted and rude. These forums was completely blocked with the industry. And there was a fire in the middle of this treaty in BC. Or is that they were Burnham. I want her. To see Coca-Cola. Well there was no flag amendment. Anyway there you overall this. Will go to looking at me. I don't know. And seeing red zone but yeah there's double. I just I'm actually weren't most acquitted black it Boca ordinance does. You get it. And memorial and the initial. And and in this field we hear you know president. Purdue and they can do about it is my president and with. I'm realism. Of record. On whether. In the midst of the protesters to corner and you look at all the odds on army men who. Yeah a community known. I wanted to get you know I got hit over and over again. Yeah. Long time had a suggestion come at noon with that it is not you know what that meant I was rated. Getting written ones that got you know great position on the compartment. Who had. So accomplishment outside my peripheral vision noon then. And just as I was approached to do good guy. Looters you know the photo of me all of them discovers this and that's a miracle network between them up on that detects the the only loans well news and I'm. Well I saw the footage it look pretty intense and we're glad you came out OK it's a shame that you know at any minute and at and amp what should be. And appreciative celebration of loves. A peaceful transfer of power whether you agree or disagree this just the way the system works instead it was that became them and in many cases of violent and bloody. Situation but we're glad you came out okay Chris I got to let you go oaks we got a lot to get here to get to deny but make sure you promised to come back on the show keep us informed. On your project and anything else trip to okay. Children but he component is broke the speed propeller comb forward slash am pretty good it. One word. Awesome Chris support you know thanks so much for a joining us in keeping us updated. To be on reality radio in just a few minutes we're gonna bring our guest Sam sharing into the program but first I wanna go to the phone lines. And bring Donna from owning up to New York into the program Donna welcome to be on reality radio retirement shall. KP how real. I'm doing terrific a mighty almost neighbor right down the road from where I broadcast. Well while actually hit. Then hit publish those last week I was sick stuff was catching up this morning in a couple comments on the shows no question you guys are coming asking each other. That sure of so as senate again. Okay yeah what's undermined. Okay because you're talking about dreams and you're asking com. JP you know dreams you're not and so forth and back in college I hit. Many Jewish psychology and I had taken a course on the psychology asleep during. And it was basically a scientific study of greens and running all on that works and the cycles areas laws that. And we had to keep the dream journal to the whole thing but of course ends on a practicing in remembering your dreams the end. Learned that everybody dreams regardless of who you are and you dream throughout the like what he may seem like an dream that lasts for hours just really is only a matter of amend it to. Your brain just kind of perceived that it. How much longer timeframe. And but then most likely if you going to remember treatment the last stream you'll have of the ninety. And I am gonna get stopped. Electric name for Terry. Link or pending that she was. It was evident and I should discussing. My action came back blanking out so sorry she was caught in between us and how. She received except information until we're through perjury. Keeping yes you know you don't came up huge so it. And she was attracted to keeping the trade journal is it Q Al. Like practicing doing that doesn't really help you remember the dream that you have. And then we learned how to analyze them and all of those but it. Yeah I guess was him again answer that gas was Tim trusting her. Think he's like well I. Think it. Yes and you know we hit such as wanna I think that everybody dreams you're asking yeah does she dreaming. Everybody got along we don't like having analyzed dreams as well wouldn't you know what is the difference symbolism and sort of self worth. All right so so in your in your classes visual learning this of his. Is this study of dreams when it comes to on psychology class is that a special discipline or is it something that you just touch on. On it can't be attending a field and area of psychology and go into. Com and become you know awfully special accurate treatment. Psychologist. And helping people you know basically harvests information from that area under figure out. The symbolism Albertine chill like. Maybe you can help me I'd just can't. Trust it is very hundreds don't yet know I find it jury in recent toon said last night and it's terrible dreams of what book on that kind of thing. I stress him my level do. The difference symbolism kind of you kind of complaint. Com want to stress is coming from. Depending on what it was about. For example say. But I know what I'm under a lot of general strapped com idol has frequently we'll countries. And joining like that most Americans are very very vivid eye treatment caller. And they tend to be more like up side by nature for a lack a better chance if she ends or fantastical quality unfit to stand. It would have really stressed and that she bishops did moderately and had a feeling a bit overwhelmed. All have dreams that I can fly. But not any kind of being chased it out. Isn't that you know I'm just be able to just barely keep out of their reach but not the like have this year getting caught with an idea if they catch me. And in that kind of. Translates into its affiliate of that being overwhelmed and that you know you're you feel like the weight of the world tag crowding in a little too close around you. Need to accept that didn't. Find other outlets to cope with stress in order to be escalated the bombing a life so as not having an adverse effect and help. Yes so so. Don't go at certain I was gonna ask you do you tend to listen to the program is a download after the after we do them or you get to the semi. Yes you can't let my and they morning news show us is sitting at you don't have the wake up and stuff like that picture at all. You will listen to that. After it likely that match failing to that you don't know that those typically only mentally morning or whenever I catch a show. Terrific well. Well I'm up against a break you're so I have to let you go Donna but thanks so much for listening and thanks so much for calling in the night. All right you too beyond reality radio Jason and javy all the Jason is a way tonight so I'm here on amending the ship on my own miss my buddy but. How will get through it and in just a moment we'll bring our guests Sam Sharon and Sam is known as mr. Sam he's a dark artists we're gonna hear all about. His work to. It's beyond me I would live to listen to him. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Beyond reality radio TV Johnson here covering. For my friend and co host Jason Hawes who is in California LA to be exact doing some work there which will be able to talk about hopefully. In the coming weeks we look toward doing that don't forget the telephone number 8446877669. Call and anytime you get your calls as we can I know we have. Some people on hold that wanna talked for a guest Sam Sharon and we waste no more time. Bringing Sam into the program Sam welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on the show tonight. I can't say very closely is terrific thanks so much for waiting I know we're getting you a little bit later than we had originally told you but we had to talk about the sandy bill. Horror story this video that was posted on FaceBook showing what was supposed to be a girl a few little girl ghost in front of the house and at a different yeah I think we pretty much debunked I don't know if you have an opinion on that but I don't think announced. My. Finger scroll past it may be through times before I decide yet but it looks far too so digitally imposed what do you wanna. Say about it it just reminded me of samarra from the rank that old film crunch as a way everybody is saying that there to saying you know. It sized area and dubious. So you are a dark artist known as mr. Sam. Your liver born in India in England at the somewhere in Liverpool right I think is where you were born and you're living in the United States now is that correct. That's correct yeah Everton Liverpool England. And are now bracing Los Angeles. So it's someone was walking into on this show for the first time in hearing you say the words dark artisan don't know what that means how would you define it. That's a great question I get I get past what style little Todd gorge on my work is and an Israeli halt for any wants to talk about their stuff. Com when everybody seems lately it has doc column it's a very it's very loose them but generally speak the best I could probably put as. Yeah most of the subject matter though I illustrate opening to war but he. Generally covers the horror or science fiction com it's not kittens old fruit basket and that's it so. In its crypto zoology at sun demonic images things you don't see every day from beat the dark side of life. So if someone were to confuse that with like stuff based on a whole messages or images it's not over talking about ranked. No it's not it's I mean it sounds almost almost as a dock off. As though it's as some kind of magical practice. But now really it's it's quite simply visually it's a dark. And how did you get your start. Com I've been drawing record them on mom. Since a good hold a pencil calm growing up in the UK I would attend. Various museums quite often to industry isn't skis and you all kinds of bum. Old huge buildings filled with the accident and it is really. Sort of dream looking back now I wish you could sort of go back and currently sort of for a build in my own Texan and we collection to build my own man and someday it'll constant but I really was the sort of impetus to go into natural history and then on Syrian crypto zoology at the the darkest sides or all of the unexplained really. Became a huge pot of mine dressed alms stemming from. Greek myths legends and all those kind of stories old reasons one thing. In you have thought you've done some amazing work for a lot of really really fascinating people. Including a lot of bands like kiss and and and proposal colleges like Lyle Blackburn and he worked with Clive Barker is organization and you really work work with a lot of people. And it sounds to me like that's might be may be the most amazing job in the world what he thanked. Her. It's some. Yeah Arenas said living the dream. But it really is really is because. Again as a as a boy you'd be interested in the supernatural and explain monsters and things are about to find out that the raw. Legitimate cases for real monsters walking around out that. Com in my adult life now being able to go to X school these stories these tells me people who use. Had faced a pricing counts with creatures and then illustrate the myself and help other. Documentarian and explores. Illustrating that books and that documentary on small town monster loose that's pre vote the Levys going to be on the show next week. Yeah we actually had him yeah we had him on the show Obama couple months ago I think when his first film was released or was about to be released and he just go and foreigners he's got another one coming up or. I'm not exactly sure of the details and I know is coming back done. Yeah that's right yeah we just launched the mosque land. Of Point Pleasant which is his maximum truce talk about I want you know we've all we all are anxious for that Tom Martin Henry BS the moth man topic is one that comes up frequently on the program and seems to assassinate every one. Yeah I think the law on the follows it is information on just a rich which is just absolutely bizarre. An event over a number of days which included a UFO crash sounded good big foot strange lights. Com all rolled into that and of course set breed and the team. A small animals a steady and they always come back to me for the ought to be the cubs in the movie palace two sets a real thriller Kenya living the re absolutely. Well you seem to have a real love for if that's the right word. A mysterious the strange the unexplained. You know we call a lot of those things paranormal they don't all fit into the paranormal category that you really seem to have a personal affection for that. I do yeah paranormal and supernatural if you put these. Column names and digital boxes that are really quite separate things and I think a lot of bears I'm sure you'll agree really does bleed into each other. Alms people often put a supernatural. And paranormal. Affect on to that the bigfoot mystery or some people say it's a natural animal that was crypto zoology may be suppan nature in that sense and other peoples and are colonel Wallace or disappearance at a blast of life and problems so it's it's. Is really confusing for some people when you say super natural. And and paranormal is kind of in the same bowl beside the ghosts and things via more parallel. Yeah I think the good that the paranormal. Heading his kind of come to be accepted as anything we just can't explain our shore about her we're still trying to figure out in a lot of cases that's how the words used him. So we take a break in about a minute and I know I wanna get into and we did a little bit of bigfoot hunting or investigating. Yourself from the get into that the next hour. But before we go to break here what sounds what's something that you. You were on recently talking about Christmas area mark I am as a urine into you you release a coloring book called creepy Christmas. And I want to know on what you're fascination with these Christmas legends is. How much a good question escrow and answer column but I'll keep it short amount to me really should save it for the other side of the break. Let's do that aren't perfect or let's go to break right now our guest is Sam this year and he is a dark artists as work puts on the most fascinating people. In the world. Including people that we've had on this program so we're gonna continue our conversation with him. When we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason JD TV so I. I'm ready to I don't forget our. Telephone numbers 8446877669. Tomorrow night's going to be a pre recorded program to be best we've actually got a really good when lined up for you because we had to move our guest Paul Connelly the author of medley Don it's not extinct. To the following week to next week's so on and then coming up on Monday it's Douglas DeLong. Who is a medical intuitive say spiritual teacher counselor shock from master and a past life therapist. He's written two books. Which has been distributed internationally on the subject of ancient healing spirituality. And psychic development. And we'll have him on the program on Monday night so join us for that don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page give it like if you haven't done that already. And also stop by the web site that's where the chat room has if you wanna join chat a lot going on in chat a lot of great questions a lot of great comments about a great discussion. Some humor and it's it's all happening in the chat from just click on the listen live button you can continue to listen. On a local radio station if that's the way you're currently listening to the program or he can listen on mine either way but BA chat rooms there and you can go to space that's simple. Our guest tonight is Sam this year and also known as mr. Sam and his website is mustard gas dash Sam dot com and we're talking about. His work Sam again thanks for hanging onto the break in thanks for being with us tonight. Great character great so I awkwardly asked you a question that you didn't have enough time to answer before that critique. But around Christmas time I know that you were talking about your coloring book that he released which is called creepy Christmas. And you're talking about things like cramped us in these other very very odd and often very frightening. Legends that. Can revolve around Christmas story your Christmas time anyway. Tolls would do about that work and what how you get fascinated by. That's a great course again on Christmas. News one of those seasons that most people into blitz cobra to dock off the second isn't really a season that. People will say is there a favorite most people say Halloween. Com and I was Wallace who included you know everybody goes in on and I do very much but some as Christmas was approaching it was a few months I had so. My manager suggested. That Tuesday an idol coloring book wanna say battle color and it doesn't mean you'd see an attack like period. On idol simply means so more detailed and a little bit more intricately designed illustrations. Things that could. People Canseco more time over in the lunch break on finger and it's become I kind of a phenomena and it's so. The rural with 3000. I don't coloring books out and now everything from secret gardens and Alan Roberts the beauty of foreign as a model and a Frontline. You know it's it's funny you mentioned inserted in a row but it's funny you mention that because I've I've recently seen some people like on planes so would these coloring books and I've kind of thought it was a geez that's a little bit odd but I guess is not so long. Yeah it's it's been deemed the sort of the new. Sewing circles on knitting clubs that people would go to you on notice people get together and sort of Bolick our reach of his color pencils to Cuba to find out which broke fairway you can. So again my manager said you know I wanna think about tearing. Oral on all some kind of dark cop ice has Christmas was approach and mental well. I've heard of this crown misled him over the last couple years let's look more into that. When I saw it in the research department Lewis it's far more than just. This creature of the scope target. Demonic anti Colson a sense. But this several walk from all over the world I'll around the winter season not necessarily into Christmas in a sentence. Com but just the the pagan festivals door I'm back pre Christian times. People would worship you know spirits of nature of things look up and and of closure of these legends of trolls in the mountains that walk area children which in a loose Conway. Some people consider. Possible. Ties to bigfoot elections about people being carted off by giants and cannibalized sort of trusting him but her. And a and he yhency as well husband bill yet she and a calm being beautiful little snowman. And anything that was really winsome face calm and elections could find his customers want from Iceland. About and Oca or growths called royal. And now she sort of almost a female version of personal way and makes a list of all the tunnel he children from a year and a Christmas on once time shall come down out of the mountains up carried. Gather appalled that the bad children. Column and carried him away to dictate and put them and huge cauldron and in the so. You know doubt those sort of the same values in a sense that people carry through Christmas and Santa clothes that we you know the public Christmas thicket of using and you'll get kids kind of thing calmed the so many legends that will placed in in a funny kind of way 'til almost tell them people. Just to make people make mall close in the wind surrender and ensure that the entire village would be warm. Then it's been a yawn and a pun intended but it. And he would Soka giant tax bill eat you if you wearing old clothes. So you know this legend has created purely just sit encouraged people still make new clothes really strange tons of stuff. Yet or we had a program dedicated to the topic we brought in her good friend just below Lander I'm sure you're familiar with Omnia and talked about all these legends and it really was Craig quite frightening. When you think about it from a kids perspective. It was really using fear is a great big stick to try to influence behavior. The odds it's it's a shame that they still don't do that in time. So the good thing of calling but does that is still is that available all year was that a limited this runner MK so people could still get all that. Yeah it's they get that on Amazon com and so bill will be a Halloween. Accompanying. Vision coming out Laura second edition a sense. Around Halloween. How many contains forty illustrations and forty pounds and did the writing of it really reached character creature. Owns you the sort of an education so as little bit of history in that because of his news is going to be sort of an encyclopedic book. Com but it really is somebody can now speaker UT and. And you we I referenced before the top of the hour break. You've actually done some bigfoot hunting an investigation Europe on your own having an. That's right around in a friendly fire area on seized on in San Diego for a number of view is way back in the 2008009. We were to oil when asked this Sunday a comical and we'd get in the full run and drives all the way up great on and coincident the California redwoods and offensive you know Washington Oregon. I'm really spend some good time out in amnesty as we could get into the forests without. Putting ourselves in. It mortal danger it's as an element that yeah we put another number at times. Did you ever haven't experienced that made you think you might of caught something your release gotten close. Obese they'll be honest I've never seen anything putts com I do believe by mail. Do something and a lot of people do Sega and it always makes me chuckle. But I think it's Cora had a common occurrence in a sense that some. A lot of people pro rodeo things and realize what a good combo for everybody used to you know that wish would be to see one year you rise current view is rather. Pinprick joke. Two maybe RC two and and I could tell you you'll hear things that it's it's unfamiliar. You'll certainly techno. We repellents eight canyon legal not enough. Weeds. Traveled up in the car as far as we could go and it was snarling and and it was cold and it wasn't even wince a seasoned unit. We get to the very very talk we get out take a breeder. And across the wind is it snowing. As a sort of a moaning. Prowling. Around. And it's it it was almost I can only describe as. Of an all pursing Euro very Basie Oprah sing it singing. Crossed with the building growled bat. Now I could have been a ban it it sounded far too melodic. And almost turning to choose and to be had to calm and we go the the hackles on our backs sort of stood up and we really took place. We're hopeful ominous feeling that we would not supposed to people and it was time to leave. Obama and it's even though we didn't see anything. Just the sound of it carried on the wind from across the ridge which is maybe you know a couple of hundred yards away Thomas. It was almost a sort of a warning goal. I had an we just got this really horrible go actual feeling to sort of just go away and we did so a a Toma parents about it in the back to England to visit them. And they were laughing and you're saying you know the continual new chancellor continue moment you know who you're in if you want to the American backed him review rescind and should have stood on the ground but Tom when you get that feeling it's time ago. On the truly want to fight. Did you know that you said two things there that time really ring true and anybody we've had on the program and have talked about. And tell owners with a SaaS watcher bigfoot type creature they kind of recant the same things one is. That the sound is pretty distinct in pretty. Unmistakable as far as confusing it with the other wildlife. And it does have a melodic nature to it and then the other thing is that sensation that fear that. That. As you put it guttural. You know. Apprehension to go any further or even remained. And there's been a lot of discussion as to whether that is something to do with the noise itself is there something in then noise that makes you feel that way or there's a ceremony nor. Some other type of fun to signal that this creature sending off to him to create that sensation but it seems to pretty common. The it's funny you say that time the sound of relief. Ultrasound all business notes conference escaping me right now but Tom I believe type diseases to stop that bright able literally to mobilize them go go until almost a triumphs. And it's the the growling the low rumble witches of a sudden frequency that you can only really feel. Com will stunt right. So that cuts can get a get up on the really quickly and the speculation have actually that Tom bigfoot might do the same thing. Any large enough creature with a outta place capability could certainly make it rumble. Whether he uses it in a part of trees Russian I don't know maybe you know some guerrilla people will actually just Crowley you know the vegetarian and you certainly some Q and you know for think it close you've been tough for the must boggle shake a tree break branches as a show of strength. Old old block charge you know it'll pretend to run your own mental stock. But it's the bass growl of many animals is optional warnings mean to oaks grow anyway bright and every animal sort of give a bit of that day. Down overnight Cisco way Obama and I wonder if if sun scorched due due to a few getting too close to them religious and comfortable that you even in the area. Do they send a signal that will physically make you feel ill enough to leave it's it's a good a good idea. Via. I wanna go to the phone lines here we do have a listener that would like to chat with you this is Nina from California Nina welcome to beyond reality radio you're on with Sam Sharon. I got another thing and I. Great I love who I don't. Eight. Okay I'm Sam yeah I have a couple of a question for you. I was wondering. What's your number one planet form an inspiration like ready mostly get your inspiration from for your artwork. Number one. I like to everything that I create I'll come from a realistic. Pointed Q so anything that monster solo was trying illustrator though it sure it'll could exist. Using natural history Seoul say the biggest influence really is natural history. Generically I can't I would I would look at coming here our her and it. Has kind of like that. Public I'm each fan loves crafts sort of reminded me of aged love Kraft historians. And work. The warm yet. And then come Ivan artist as well and and performing artists and I was just wondering if he had any advice for an aspiring artists total. Com I would unknown call yourself an aspiring artist I would own it's com live every day as those jewels and you know make it count live once believing myself but none never change. Thanks for the call Nina thanks so much for calling it. I wanted to ask you more about that have been a crypto stuff you've worked with Lyle Blackburn you work with set breedlove with small tonne monsters. And it kind of following companies questioned. When you have to depict a crypto creature whether it's a big foot or something a mosque men or something even less recognizable. Do you tend to use of what you would consider to be the trick the traditional. Except did. Likeness of that creature or do you find you know other sources to to create your image. Your question com are seen as a rule have many interpretations. Oh big foot. But it sound. You know every other scripted bits out Laura preview of the months I'd be a member of illustrated folks fictional creatures as well you know aged look Chris mentioned. Nicely illustrated the cold could Sulu book for a idea going to be publishing so. When I league. Was looking at attacks on the description of the creature. Roll it in any of these cases in if you take. A small some else's documentaries for example each one of those bigfoot body pieces from a different town. And the creature is a describes slightly differently so this is not a real wood most of the big stores across the whole United States if not a world. All of the stories out similarities. In the description group so people take upon different details some of them carbonneau and on again and again. Let's. Duracell and features that you you cons totally doubts that has no sort of generic. One way to drool bigfoot we tried really enjoy every Tom all. Illustrates I'll try to find something new it's almost describe to you to add to it. And looking at other. Illustrations by other artists and I tend not to do that because that really muddies the waltrip my own mind a lot to come from and central Christian point of view again. Sawing at the grass roots of what's real and look at other rapes that do exist. Interest and. You on. Don't have a working with Suri may have already done it actually with Seth breedlove on them on the moss men and depiction US one that seems to have had a whole bunch of different. Versions depending on you know who sought whose describing and ended but where Jenna upon that. Yeah that was a tricky one that is gone nuts on the night for the kick stories that are up you wanna get involved and get wrinkles and some goodies. Com that the post of for the movie itself was is Donna itself on one now. On so to get a kick started spoken to both my bought out. On pleasant enough you'll you'll find out it's that was tricky because she sang a song in different. Descriptions from everything from giant Powell two. Doctor Angel gone gore. Com you know people say the votes of blue parent or it's just a really launch black growl so. I was so into south and he suggested may you be content to some kind of amalgamation of all those reports but computer Larissa and very great so predominantly the post is now home. Quarter dark you know it's almost entirely silhouette what is just a few teach shells coming out of it itself. People have described bat wings com and people have sought described racquet fenders so Israel ought to sort of include both in soda sang. Image. Against human legs like a man stood and read guys. You know yeah huge red eyes in the chest is all race synonymous with als on people's unit at scroll to look at a saint but some debt that was a fun once studios really you know. In Jessica's little non legend for so many years now and now. Policies in the movie you know we have of books and Leo the witnessed roaring as well so are very different from yourself outs that was a relief fund project not whites. Don't lot of variation there have you ever gone to. Create an image of for a for a creature crypto creature. And he came across three were talking wins when an eyewitness and their particular description was so unique and so on of the norm but so fascinating we had to go that despite may be some other traditional more traditional accepted images. Yeah actually yeah again and frank I think the first on an advantage on action in 2000 fool a belief was sound from a hometown England in the limbs and downs. On the Victorian town on the it to be on receipt. Paper newspaper a local school paper reported someone's seen in the rabbit it's the size of a dog launch. Rabbit. Com and it's a really took on my attention because. Stripped of the products in ridiculous sure has Bugs Bunny walking around some of that or Monty Python movie I think. Absolutely. What exactly. I I looked instruments from the reports and again you. Describing different things on the interest in thing about our town if you come from the it sort of the two and a look at the logical crypto zoological. Angle. The town itself over a hundred years old the pistons finally found in the town so these affluent. Around people who had exotic pets and some of the palace they have what do. Non object dia which of these very some old Russian dia with fangs the sort of thought tusks that time. Retreated from their ritual. And then there really peculiar look and they're not dual usual dias sized creature they saw like an idea of almost like a Labrador size dia. But best and so there was talk that. Perhaps this was a surviving. Population of these did in living in the local woods from all these years later in and that's. That's what someone has seen. But I blind. As you say you know how to look at the bowl ridiculous descriptions and really go would stop because that was what my attention enough people who sang. Long long years. Wolf like almost like Irish cool simple mole. Lanky would've been a part of the rabbit title I mean it it sounds like while he community and meet the final Gloria actually looks a bit like while it. From the road accidents in the realm. And it was kind of ridiculous you know how could that possibly exists and yet those were the descriptions you have to be loyal to the witnesses and go with a. Right we're gonna go to a break here in just the second woman come back don't learn more about some of the work you've done with bands and and musicians does is a lot of the long fascinating list of people leave work with there as well so. We'll get into a little bit of that we're talking with Sam Shearer and it dark artist his website is mr. spelled out MIS TER dash Sam dot com. Stop by there also the creepy Christmas. Coloring book that we were talking about earlier there is a link on the beyond reality radio web. Site if you go to the guest tab you'll see that there. It's beyond reality radeon JB Johnson thanks for joining us will be right. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short fly help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And I told radio and TV Johnson thanks so much for joining us tonight. Telefono received 446877669. In our guest tonight is Sam Sharon he's a dark artist. Work wins a lot of different people including a bunch of crypto zoologist slight doubt while Blackburn. And Seth breedlove people we've had on the program. Lot of musicians as well and Sam before we assert talking about the musicians you work but they do wanna go to the phones because we have a crypto zoology question. From Matt from Colorado Matt wolf one of the program. Salute you. Know party. Yes from. About fifteen years adore working. Our. Your machine. First rid trauma water wrap early. Miracle little Harlem. Harlem. Power. And Mardy or earn higher air working group saw. Oh boy like. Pretty sure we sort of a rat tail and look like you add all were like oh just. Is she and it would shock him to don't. Do it. Got into the water. And it. Call out of the water on this I. Feel like. Liquor market share sale. And neither do you variety it would seem to be like you didn't know what was in order could be. Dark sort of disappear in good news people scourge on so. Or almost not sure. Our media about it at all or she should go there. You know much paper but anyhow. Army corps told several people are such. Didn't think much more order. And I forgot our sore where there about three months or so. Called restore creatures. And you're trying. Background any arm looked just like there creature. He should try and admitted dog. Armed men to grow our critical look at images bottom you know the Internet like yeah. And draw strong. Pretty sure there and do this creature is years restore her British. Let it do you deputies have been known in ancient history or whatever you all. But that's fascinating. More I am vaguely familiar with the general you home. And how far into the wild was this. It was Robert Morgan and Hershey. And poppy. While a possibility that in his fighter rate you know all the burn 500 more. Well who knows in his book that was our home. But it can't be the only one let's go to Lois ID column be the only one you know that's that's and seeing how long ago was that match no longer than happen. Are gonna put through. Actually you may not only be shut. Has anybody reported anything similar in live from ten year a twenty year son cents. Know your conclusion one long views where he had been dumped in a group. Wager. That could be sector particularly not a Gator and in my look like there. Look at war what is right you know I would look at what triggered a war Iraq. Yeah argue and argue big sale it's people like are you a long. What are the war. You big you know almost like a wreck in slow and a big go big we're excited to show. Entrance into his thanks for sharing that story with a met we appreciated and you know end of the more we do a program like this the more you talk to people. The more you hear things that you just weren't aware were going on out there and I'm service should send you some kind of the same thing a lot of strange things it just don't make the headlines and Domenico programs like this too often and then they show up you know like wallets at stretcher. Yeah absolutely my I think these days more Solarz becoming incredibly popular. Of people to be into big thanks so ridiculous TV should act now and and and it's it's sort of it's going about it boy I mean of course it encourages. New interest from younger generation will lead that we need to sort of keep this. You'll. Of interest going. Spurring house candidates would he could minds on the it at the same time when they make a joke of it and I played X-Files music coal and they refer someone has a country bumpkin arithmetic cannot discount of it's damaging to the field Obama and even more damaging when people think things and it's not clever. No thanks to impressive when you Franklin sewed and due out in aren't really yeah. Hopeful about but some let's change the topic is current time pretty quickly here you've done a lot of work for some pretty incredible musicians and bands. How did you keep in his start your start doing net. I was and it's. All college or university when assess sort of a teen nineteen and he still raised outlook every teenager you know purses on the wall. You've favorite bands and things like gut. And of course a body albums in the LPs and and I was always fascinated with the artwork that would be in and around. Going down that road myself we've talked off and I always thought to myself you know I love this town to. I'd love to illustrate for them and sort of give apiece mechanisms or become whole all that. Walk on an album in when they release a piece of history it would it was some sort of a dream. As a kid see you on and I'm not musically and anyway so on the bus like could do. For bam I loved was maybe to the oh. And so over time I would reach out two bands sort of a money services as a loss its patents. It was the advent of MySpace where all of a sudden. The sort of magic of the rocks dog started to disappear. Com and it doesn't really access to anymore because zero. You know you can contact anybody on FaceBook. These days it's right ominous that sort of magic and mystique of the rock stars on the window because you know seeing people in that kitchen taken self please credit us Obama's been you know the missed weeks gone all you'll you know you'll see some whitbeck cat which is lovely and not knock again you know it's really not seek that these are just people. But that sort of showmanship and magic amnesty to accidentally whining to anticipate he would wait for the next. The next Rob Zombie the next tournaments because they're really the last who are doing in. Him. Of all the people you've worked with Tom and not smashed but the people themselves but what was it what was a piece of work that you did that you would put up in your you know top ten of. Most proud. Most proud. Probably Saturday. The panel's nine death syllabus guts though Matt brown. Are those guys from new you'll Koch joining Kelly on. This these with sort of an amalgamation of of three different browns. There always Breivik friend's boat well one of them. When number one favorite green tuchman negative from Brooklyn you'll co fortunately the lead singer is still passed away in 2010. And that was that. And I was never able to sort of officially create an ill look Fordham. Com but I days passing of the band members from various other bans on together and sought to create a new back and to along with same sort of seems the same sort of John. Com and some original members from bands. Started to put this out and I was lucky enough to to both of their own sleaze and double OP fold and these are really proud moment this. You know again if you have little piece and a history and go practice some and that I actually load and see my work on the shelves and sort of help them out. You know obviously. When it comes to cover art in the you know the final age was probably leave most of the romantic cages for cover art. From music anyway. And did this wrote classic el album covers when you go back what what of those might stand up to use some as inspiring. Ooh goodness that's a great question. Black sevenths black samba. And I OP it's. So simple Buddhist opening round you know it's sort of shrouded figure of an old pals the very old and colorful leaves and it's this is kind of creepy in a sense you're not really sure what it's a grocer resemble. Old beauty really doesn't save suburb so that an insult comes disturbing I mean that's a great powerful iconic album public and out of the Pink Floyd album colors him. Very surreal. Outlook. I love surrealism you know and I think this. Again not normal. Paranormal if you will people on fire shaking hands and flying pigs that company brilliant. Armed. It's yeah I'm drawing a blank here I mean it is appropriate to give a hundred. I think that the well you know it's quite obvious this program we don't get to talk about this type of thing very often and I'm I'm music fanatic and a musician myself so that stuff is always. Inspired and influenced me so I love to get other people's take on a particularly those who have an artistic guy. Mean yeah. Again I think the the age of finals coming back a police outsold does is Alexia so overwhelmed it's becoming collectors and people actually going around blowing new political play as you know it's funny I was just at the Consumer Electronics Show must Vegas in early January and I was amazed to see the number of companies that are reintroducing turn tables to play vinyl it's pretty it's incredible it's going to be hurt and Oprah. Must put the word out smugglers becoming better at at and march so. Remembers crisis is we've got about. Two minutes left here and I wanna do make sure you had an opportunity to tell folks where they can find out more about your work colleague get a hold of some of it and in a world where else you might be appearing or available. Firms for folks to learn more mature. Well thanks. I'm on FaceBook the poker face. That before slush mr. MI a studio. Sound Sherron. SH EAR when miss a censure and we can do is Google my name. Column and so out of a tree on I go on that fund the same thing in the couldn't you can win. Original ball work in the roughly two months I'll also sell prints and two portraits and I can't think animal on Twitter announced aground analyst channels are really pretty much just. Google my name a new farm everywhere and you know you make an occasional appearance at comic con here and there. I do I do you can hear me on the into the fray radio which is with Shannon growing right straight week now that's easier rhesus state. Com. Didn't she get that on iTunes and you know usual sort of catches but I do announce mainly on that weren't gonna be calm every year opiate San Diego karma Colorado final. I think this is the ninth and Rhode. Armed so beside in various books and original outlook that was well so come down hang out have a drink. Be ridiculous let's talk about monsters get drunk. Do you ever do line either more specific like horror conventions. And a couple of them wanted to frank Aureus trinity of terrorism back in 2009. And I mean that was that was so really crazy it was sort of every hour like on director and actor role in one place. And yet you go most of the releases on a month's opponent or so days of that two in a mostly obviously in Los Angeles were placed now. Trying to get to the other ones around the country but so. I'm open to any ideas people reach house Asia come to this emotional and something their. That's great sense thanks so much for joining us on the shows fascinating conversation we appreciate your time. Thank you beyond radio would Jason Jay-Z we're gonna take a break and when we come back your calls for a. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Chat room right now I know we have so does steel aluminum and. People are checking announcing what's going on with some local website is precious because we had such a great guest tonight me and so much going on. That we overloaded the system so I guess second thank you for that street to have everybody involved but judge just be patient we'll get that back. Hopefully before the end of the show. A big thank you toward guest Sam Schering the dark artist don't. To hesitate go to his website it is sudden mr. dash Sam. Dot com I think you're gonna have better luck finding human FaceBook to. And getting in touch that way we appreciate Sam joining us is very interesting conversation is our work is just incredible. I tomorrow night's program will be a best of armed and our guests that was originally scheduled poll Conley the author of the medley Don it's not extinct. Will be with us I believe the following week's wicked he's working on that as we speak. And then Monday night I Jason will be back with a personal have Douglas DeLong he is a medical intuitive a spiritual teacher counselor. A shocker master NA test lights therapist. He'll take calls will be talking about all those things and more on beyond reality radio this Monday night program. And our telephone numbers 844687. 7669. We are gonna go to our phones and bring our good friend J&J is in golf course Florida welcome to the program. Hey I'd just real quick guy was surprised he didn't bring up your Eagles artwork especially the. And I don't. Oh yes that that original bat out of hell our work is an amazing piece are. Yeah I was I used to be acute job of spam okay. This is kind of relating to the get political with the energy healer. And out blanket much of it but I cannot start off by giving kind of name and our resources some of what it's gonna argue. And that's systems and so pastor Nate Thompson not deliberate revolution. Dot org and also Pamela shepherd. She has many books and web site one of them is setting captives breed dot NC I believe. So this six activities. Or spin that open up the shoppers which are psychic. Doorways are portals. Gateways that are met to stay shut infield as a creator design when you do yoga. Meditation. Because we meditation. Is that. Studying in contemplating. Like on the Bible. The murder whatever failures study at the complete opposite of emptying your mind to be opening up to whatever. Okay so we have. Sexual intercourse with demons and it's ringing more sex with a prostitute. We have drugs. Visiting a fortune teller receiving healing to a called powers. Reading a cold book. An anger by an argument transmit certain diseases are successes demons or manipulate people to seek solutions. From which is at a holt says. It's psychic killer who himself is an agent of demons in this guy's. And these are direct quote from the sides. Those soccer is I'm going to say the name. I want a candidate dispelling. This is the demon who is in charge. E'Twaun and so we have the crowned. If she. People also import cheap as related to. Marijuana and the origins of the third I is cocky. That also known as with the annual Landis throat at the machine. The heart is Irish. I don't want pointed out when people do this so called altar call in church or you say that sinners prayer cheapest they've. That actually opens you up. Two. Part demon I ship. That part of other religions being Pamela shepherd and the others talk about that they enable it Bonnie. The sex organs are violation Newark the issue and rocking me and and it is brought. So anyone who is done and it doesn't matter if you're a Christian because. They had legal rights to view and god only allowed it happened to do what she will allow but we do things throughout our life. There are done to us that we diamond willingly or unwillingly. Pitt opener at two bidding. And so if you do call upon finding cast doubt be at that McCain. I would encourage anyone to use the re on the NC could benefit Jesus Christ say Jesus Christ that the answer. Because or out of people register get to that you dedicated and met Jesus he's dealing with that fake ball. Jesus and Honda who is one of the fallen angels who will be a big part of the bomb the project would be thick rapture if they do that. Do you use their real names and there's a lot of very develop it you have the issue Joshua yeah crucial. Yeah Oshawa this idea how much he had promised psychic as the last. An expert guide you have got our. Yeah hollow. Guy who de La. And hi yet. Where some of the ones and then bit extension of that is. Hassan Al washy. Horror idea. Answer I have Russia. Is Shia chick. While locked quote dash which is that the translation that we get to. The holy spirit. So you call upon that and cast doubt that demon because that unit will bring different scored the demons that this is all related to you. Braving the concert that. The Christ consciousness according to Levy's spirit all of that all of this new age stuff and everything. Anyone who's read the Bible to know about it specific Christians because unfortunately you have Christians doing my meditation and yoga and not knowing better. And they don't realize that yoga comes from the Okie. And the meditation at the big thing of the new age and helping you have to demons when we're talking about spirit guides or anything like that you're always dealing with demons. Our fallen Angel or devil. Or anything had fallen state. Jail and general. Jay hold that hold onto Larry can you hear me cage Sola. EC a lot do you see in a short amount of time and I think folks probably have a little bit of trouble following new arm completely he's thrown a lot of names out a lot of information. But I guess my question is on you you have used some sources and we ligament thirty seconds here left but it's if you were to say. You know if you wanna follow up on what I'm talking about here's a good place to go where we're descended. Pull out talking about tonight. Or did talk to me are. We to. So what that what website is pastor Nate he's got different videos that deliverance revolution dot org and Pamela shepherd. She's on FaceBook I know and doubt. She had several web site and several books. And it doesn't sit cap discrete I. Got to cut you off there is thanks Jay you know long what I want people to do is just you know look at this information on their own make their own decisions. Sometimes it's hard to digest. Of that's gonna do it for tonight thanks everybody for joining us we loved having you along we agree had a great time with Sam Sharon tonight and Jason we back with us. On Monday night tomorrow it'll be a best of prerecorded program. It's beyond reality radio scene next week at. You know leading media is to discuss its include tunes I don't see drew Jones and her. Para don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality Reno all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality really emails too slick Eddie that's swig eighty ED DY. At beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.