Jim McGaw

Jim McGaw

I grew up in:  Madison (Fitchburg, technically) and went to Oregon High School.

First radio station I worked for: WGTD in Kenosha

Year started in Madison radio: 1987

Favorite vacation spot:  Vilas County, WI.

If I could change one thing about myself, I'd:  Be way more organized.  This morning I couldn't find my truck keys.  I drove to work with my spare set and realized my keys were in my jacket pocket at home.

I'd like to change this about my body:  My gray hair.  I hate it but the guys in my family seem to get it at a very early age.  I really hated it once when a guy at a bar called me "Pops." 

Remember what you bought with your first big paycheck or bonus? I paid ahead like three payments on my student loan. 

My unfulfilled dream is to:  Meet David Letterman.

My family:  Huge.  We started out with 12 and lost a few.  My Mom and Dad are gone, too.  I miss them all everyday.  Good people.  I'm crazy about them.  Funny, honest and very kind.  They made a bunch of great nieces and nephews along the way.