Jesse Garon

Jesse Garon helps you cruise through the late evening hours into the very early morning. Meet Jesse Garon!

Number one most asked question by fans: "Wait...I have fans?

- Three songs that sound great together: Well, when I DJ, I've learned that if you play the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," and "Beer Barrel Polka" at a wedding in Wisconsin, almost everybody gets up to dance (everybody else is too busy drinking).

- Put these in order: oxygen, food, music, coffee, being right: oxygen, food, music, coffee, being right. I'm pretty used to being wrong, so I'm used to being not right.

- Favorite restaurant in Madison: Regionally? Probably Freshii's or the Green Vine in Baraboo, although back in NY I loved Tim Horton's.

- I'm famous for: I have one of the documented cases of "Foot in Mouth Disease." Doctors said that I wouldn't make sense past the age of 5. The fact that I work in radio is a miracle, really. Everyday is a challenge :)