A quarter of this is thrown out every day

Thursday, March 8th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all expert on the morning Jim and Terry with the world famous green strained yes. They're hoarding BSE findings during morning 730. You'll find brains strains on demand. Online. At W Molex dot com perhaps you've does they're already. Welcome with a repeat it is our question this morning we like to recycle but truly a fourth of this is thrown out every day. One quarter this kid's tossed politics. What is it there's your brain strain question answered 664. 1949 to correct answer you'll win tickets for a warrants yes or ban all of favors warrant comes either pretty hair and all of their hits like. Jerry tie in heaven in the da bull weighs at the crystal grand. March 30 from an open up that show we'll see on stage there come when these tickets with your brain strain answer. Good blocks from got in the morning WLX breed strange hello there. I don't I I didn't. I. Is water bottles through the I'm sorry it is not it's high it's okay that was an awesome gas surely was why I. W always greens strain your next succeeds where we're gonna brag how important this gets thrown away by hassle what is probably wouldn't. My. Maybe his other weekend since the all our own big he'd actually who didn't want any civilians in things for 66 or when did I every straight question this morning. How important this gets thrown away when most of us we'll have always followed word that it would divorce me. Let them who has done anything. It could be should be enough. Relaxed or in this case thrown away but most of us what that's our brains treatments and borrow. Mills. Middle seat that was the best guess tell you it's me. WL it's pretty straight what you think to this 14 of this gets thrown away Brett it is brand. No way yeah its bread and. Taj okay I'll go with leftovers but Brad actually makes even more sense brand of fourth of red it's threw well wow. Yeah. It's yeah. Like yeah right you know. Mr. modest. What is your name surged forward curve it.