As we head for A # 1 weekend on WOLX. Who was the youngest person to have a # 1 song and who was the oldest person to have a # 1 song ?

Friday, March 2nd


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Classic it's not a four point nine W or Lexus we had break not want its weekend chase kicks it up this afternoon at three. Seem like a good time to do brings strange question but number one songs do we goal. Who was the youngest person and who was the oldest person. To have a number one hit. Was the youngest person have a number one hits. Who was the oldest person to score number one song you're correct restraining answer at 664194. And I will score you week. Quick trip give card while loaded up with that you could go hard your local quick trip. What about dollars worth Ed WOLX. They're boring W Orleans greens. Irene thank you for calling the what do you figure oldest person ever have a number one song and the youngest person in the I'm not gonna hurt or not. Audience looking movement good Jackson zone. I. W all accelerator. They've got into and pretty good but I'm good I'm good yeah. Yeah. There's an animal song on his. I think Josh Anderson who you round. Know a lot of the XWL it's pretty straight six explorer 100 number to call every morning senator do you watch your answer to this question. OK you are currently going to end of these new water and all of this year. The hooligans. And clueless yeah I needed in a certain way is very close very close only and that's okay that's a very good is not usually takes three hours eight year. All praise strange questions exist or whatnot if we're not aimed very arrogant or slightly hurt my. The youngest person to hang. No one's. Good day yes. You bet I believe treated them and yeah you won't be told to Baghdad. And yeah I believe what that little thing in early being he. Should render. Somebody. Younger and younger don't Delhi didn't know better I. Rob yeah. My medicine now why would you let alone it's easier way I'm not. And preakness and. Eight you have to. Yeah. Cellular like sprains strains exist or before or not we're not number one hits weekend did you get off duty three. Does that sound good regardless the same idea on the greens straight here Terry and I ask you Yahoo! was the youngest person ever have a number one song was the oldest. I don't mean yeah. Growing and the rule that made automatic. As is so close. Okay. Oh yeah yeah. Rollins hit a patent six cents or one out of four and you look at the youngest ever ever to number one song oldest resiliency they paid. I'll get there. Let me. What do you make. I don't I don't edition I'm Betty. And that I am I am pretty. Appreciate your columns I. Dad no really do appreciate your call here at six explore. One night when Arnold for the youngest person ever to number one saw oldest person to accomplish this indeed permanent Karim back then my dad couldn't. Who we got half of it can't wait there. Now one out of Tulane and I'll call the red states and. I'm all. I thought yeah W Alex restated six explorer one did when I look at the youngest person ever a number. I and it. Here whom I have played now I don't. He was hardly dry. And Zealand. It wasn't friends and get better and you hate. No I don't get any of them. Yeah there is no matter where. All know what. Yeah not a huge Sakhalin from the news of the world still hung up in the sense that look. Don't you Tony yeah you did Jerry medical for sure yeah. Don't think I don't even its dividends area that I want all your life. I do love telling this guy he's pretty neat you saw the it's on MW all I see there are what do you think the youngest person ever number one song oldest person. Do you go from there Allen and dare. That's the first when Jeremy not held since zero hello well done and it's being. And don't illustrate straying and we had for a number one weekend day for the youngest person ever number one song. You know and then Torre never. I love these gases aren't. Six. W all spring is 36641. In front of the youngest person to have a number one song well we did Dwyane we give way to youngest was Michael Jackson's eleven when you tell the sale what was the other whose oldest. I can get a JD well and the lol no no good just so I'm. And expert giant ass they view and six explorer one and if we're not what you do is I'll put it right answer I do it here helps sound young Oscar. And I don't know I really do much good does yeah. You know have fun now all of them or whoever burglary armed. Age. As we are getting worried there could. Leak wow you know the song Wagner both didn't who doubted he lets it all night. I know you don't hear a lot of Louie and W execute really well. So I didn't do that what you're let's contribute to that program directors coronary he will play at least can be like just. You hit hit hit did you defeat. And so he's he's a treasure all American treasures and on top the airport reference now that Louie Armstrong international airport New Orleans and acts are. Up. You where does your outdoor. You know ordinary then there are. You guys that's odd sciele will usurp our brilliant yes the EU for adding your life is brilliant as well you better teller she's brilliant to tell her things. For months and what's your name brilliant guy I've ever grow.