1 in 5 of us will have this for dinner tonight ?

Wednesday, February 28th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WO likes time for the nook on the morning of the green screen yes your morning beat us. Which in the Gerri we're talking not. Dinner at breakfast time is distorting on the brain string you win a 25 dollar gift card from quick trip good for a breakfast lunch or dinner at any time the day with quick trip to. Question this morning one in five of us we'll have this for dinner tonight what do we have to produce an. I can't answer questions column to an answer at 664194. Night it's the WLX. Pretty strange question. W always brings. Reindeer the first to answer that since it's for a woman for them. A hamburger. Grill out and burn Null and it's. Little did he didn't pick. He always raised straight answers since Laura wanted to put an interior will. Wrap your gifts I'm right here ready to go home which again but. The tickle or did. That's a wide could be a lot of different things Lou. A W I was very strange calls it six or one difference we assume you are ready to gets what is my Muslim have this for dinner tonight 66 or 100 word article your greens during answer that question wanted finalists will have this for dinner tonight. And asks who moon so many options here. Now who's now and then. Can we still like you know let's. Just yeah. You know he's still it's just it's explore what I did when I'm through your grades and answer to that question one of finalists have this for dinner tonight will be broadcast. Well the answer was going to be 20 I don't know let's screams during success Portland and I wanted fun plus we'll have this for dinner tonight. She are real or do not done that began needs to punish it and yeah I I don't blame you guys. Click easy answer situations rubles was like I'm yeah but that's. All experienced during one of fun let's let this for dinner tonight and chickens. And the good sportsman it's a four. I now 64 when and if we're not an ambulance pretty mainstream they're going to. What's your guess on this question. Are hostile move that sounds good. And you are very close my friends who. This. Morning Google Marchand are very may still lose we'll get. At at and pacers I don't know and or mockery of that idea isn't an instant success ought to do for an eye and what. I just. Yeah I'm there. I'm not I'm. Good thing we heartland season. Seats. Our next day it goes well with fish couldn't let us now. Doesn't want to be who he met Ronnie Coleman people are so close. And the clothes are going to be you know it's you and I gas. Dying I don't I've known him. I don't think it. Did some secrets. Etc. those are great guesses they're XXX or wanted to call and why I muzzle this for dinner tonight. Yeah and they will be true. No that's. Known teary if I can. I can say one thing it would totally give this away that you probably shouldn't yet if I got quite yet and that might not quite ready for the here you don't keep them come with it. It hit it good morning CW only 336611. And when I won five of us web does for dinner tonight. Most. I willingness. Now a popular guest though he has always popular aren't I. One final puzzle that this or did they are today that's every street was during answered. I really isn't called the top and freedom now. Now it frozen dinners. The TV dinner and now know yeah the 2000 good gas snow yeah. Not only are pretty solid. Your first son with a smooth W Sprint's 366 or wanted to and I wanted to find a Muslim headed for dieters and tell it all lacks good morning. Hey good team. I didn't think I know I sound coop. No food or chili powder room you know the home which people who dares the negative time. So close. Told me the answers and I had. Keep dancing and they're doing instead of being white I'm. On here who thinks that I'll. Yeah. And call it rained straight quarterfinal was having for dinner tonight right it's nice outline. Slice. I hope I am receiving us here. Are luring audiences oh wise it was your name.