A new count shows there are now more fake ones in the world tham real ones. Fake what exactly >

Monday, February 26th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine W Molex time for the world famous book on the morning greens drain. Like it is every morning at seven dirty with Terry Barr all 664198493. Or breeds during the answer winner. 25 dollar quick trip give carried all this week. Question this morning really the answer is a squeaky clean answer. Regardless of what you think when you hear this week it's a new column shows that there are no more fake ones in the world then real ones. There are no more fake ones in the world the real one's Jake watched. Somebody give a short guess it's 664. 19 point nine WOLXWL. I sprays. Hey good morning here succeeds or woman's right there are no more sequence in the world and real ones and stuff. We'd all he's been paying. That's him predicted yeah SE jealousy there stillness where we. I don't get it if you go boy is not very good. Morning Tony my team they're now more sane ones and really wants to be doing. Here. No I doubt very good on hot. Like going to see him. What is the green is the die if I. Would. That's a bomb Obama at the bright fun Holland. Some day when he is saying you know. I can't ask the teachers. Patients were 66 or 100 finance and bridge street to get one's boring or don't want fake ones. I. The boy yeah she used her only you but there. Yeah. I'm. While credit questioner incident and I yeah. Exit door when I did for a new coach says there are no more free loans fit real ones who can command it and I benefited from growth. Both legal and X wow well press corp we asked. Is huge city beautiful until all my sky and there are they're very popular bands on. Yeah I think maybe flamingos and given them as gifts to people because they're so darned cute pretty good long and I. And his love how you said. 'cause this is Madison. And I don't think you have about it tying it together. But it could create a war are going to pass and I love that site when they do it it's so cool. Food. As the others Marty you're at and there. Yeah a loser and I told Terry does look like go on for awhile but I'll. Miller lizards are superstars. York's finger on a blustery and Scott Peterson.