44% of people asked would like to see this as an Olympic sport ?

Thursday, February 22nd


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Classic hits Denny four point nine W or likes to get Olympics this morning we all. Was our brains during question how bought dead US women's hockey team thing is speaking of great things from major land Obama Bucky book to win. With the answer to this question this morning as we think Olympics 44% of people asked would love to see this. Made into an Olympic sports he currently is in the 44% of people asked would love to see this become an important export what is its. Call us and tell me at 664190. Point nine we will conquer the W all likes world famous brain strained. Us. Restraint a more deals. 664 wanna put on the number you called sweet that you did the in blankets. 44% of people with this was the extra weird weird things hit it. Football and I visited. The athletes on. An extra dollar and sixty sort when confronted pretty straight this morning are 44% of people who's this is an Olympic sport and it's not. I don't Smartphone stupid. Failure rates go out there have been to a good end. He's elusive on the installment markets quite hot what it was supposed to do I remember it like that little Jackson I presume that from Nancy out. Wooten you could lose your marbles you know we'll episode out in that Ortega had you have to hit a class eight brave strange 44% of people. Wish this was an Olympic sports. Hey you know I am etiquette. Got a call small is speaks directly. It's. And my way and you wouldn't you agree Olympic sports when I'm include some academic year that all kidding me yes. I had played as an adult not heard that I announced our little friends of mine Plano is like come on. Stinky slumps. That's I'm. Oh. Yeah they do it is to adamantly for instance what you could very yeah. Yeah and Tyler are questions I wouldn't pinch hitter now that's. We did it oh my gosh it was so fun when you care if it weren't. Just we're scared of too many things that are the most I mean yeah. Look you look at least she doesn't know that was a dream. So yeah. Lohan wants that leaves only yeah I am and I have a group then I'll give you a good laugh yeah. Who is this spring the greens are already here and this marquee.