Half of us fantasize about this at least twice a month...what ?

Tuesday, February 20th


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Classic hits and a four point nine W Rolex where is time for your morning dose of BS the brain strain question every morning at 730 with Jim and Jerry from a guy on the morning. Question this morning all does or doesn't get us in trouble pushing the envelope. All perhaps the most fantasize about this who. At least twice a month we are fantasizing about this at least twice a month does your brain straight good for. Colin Quinn show tickets 6641. Honey for nine to answer this brain street questioned how we can't wait on this one. Winning a lottery pick coming spring and bigger and RA WLX marine's dream or a Obama's senate sizable does at least once a month low road or quitting your job. That was exceed Iranians who against god I guess that is the correct answer mail right away girls is like a new trend line.