When it comes to saving money, 12% of people will hide it in this most unusual place... butt where ?

Friday, February 16th


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Classic hits now if four point nine W likes you and Jerry McCoy in the morning with the brain strain question this morning answered 6640190. Point nine answered correctly. You'll Wear a pair of water park fast take its. For the Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells and the the same time you automatically qualifying when an overnight Steen had to tell our question this morning a bit unusual work. Known for those got a congress. People who say money in fact is that 12% of people who seed money stash their cash I didn't in this. Most unusual please. Tell us into when the Braves rig blockade WO Alex. W Alex brains drink so glad you called 664 when he went on when it comes to seeding money 12% of people cited in this place I would say a book. It's not a good ball blew all luck he's not a bad idea behind a lot to say publicly. Yeah I remember which book it is so that this period at order book for. Exactly piggyback the library is if it's like somebody else is gonna get low another major awards in the movie could try and and we're glad you are. A great weekend articulate candidate. Abiola is praised for raising six or what are cubs this even money 12% of people I didn't hear or near. If you're a career freezer. And that's who I didn't like cold hard cash on. And it's yeah he's quit today isn't he thought. The caffeine didn't hit that well. Wow good Disney and not quite idiots don't think you. WO little L and sprains strains succeeds more wanna be pilot comes on leading money extension can't shoot 12% of the. I didn't lose its border underwear in front it's. You know that's the safest spot does it I guess US really I think I'm not you don't. But I earlier how would you bring to the showman as an elderly should look. And look look look look at. Classic hits and a four point nine W all elects sprain strain questions every morning. Challenging but no match for the smartest audience radio station and ask for Jason has kids nicely done this morning he got it. From portage when it comes to saving money Paul percent of people's. I didn't in this most usual case. Donnie money Jason know is there's she'll list you don't know what they are right your money in your shoes always are correct brain straight answer this morning Jason is gone and thanks for play in the brain strain with Jim and Jerry every morning on the on the morning. At 730 on double you'll old LX.