Q&A with Robert J about MAMA Cares

Sunday, February 11th


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How do you usually describe what them Thomas are two people who don't. Have any idea that it will mama's has met multifaceted. First of all it stands for Madison area music association. And of course we have our big man mama awards show in June every year. But above and beyond that there are so many programs that we have to give instruments to. Kids in the community and to bolster our. Education systems our schools were giving instruments. And lessons and things to. Two students and children who might not be able to get him through our present education system. So it it does things on that level. And on my level. I've I'm involved with mom cares and that's of branch a program of Madison area music association. Which we tried to help. Fellow musicians. And the music community. People who are in need from mostly medical emergencies. And we tried her help them and anyway we can. And we started a fund. Called the JC refund. Which is named after my son. And that's how the whole program started and we try to raise money to to help out people who need our fellow musicians. Why is that important and why do you think. If people are listening they'll be surprised to hear that not everybody has either the insurance or the money or both to cover what might be needed in an emergency. Well it's important to help it's how important help well two. Do what we can to help one another on. For me it it it was personal it all started on three years ago my son and a rare brain infection. And had to have emergency during brain surgery. He's in hospital for seventeen days. My wife and I we have insurance. But you know losing work. And other cause out of pocket expenses things started to tally up. Now we're still paying to the stage for for some things to help him out he still has a few challenges but he's he's doing great. So what happened was. Rick Torre the founder of the Mamas on and my good friend Chris Wagner from the moon Gypsies. Through a benefit for our family. At pine saloon and over 350 people showed up and it was I'm. Probably the most humbling. ID in my life. And he raised. Considerable amount of money and all kinds of people team that I hadn't seen in years help support me. And so my wife Jill and I felt we had to give it back in Sylvia propose starting this program called mama cares. And we've done it and it's now three years into it and we've raised. A considerable amount of money and we've given out a considerable amount of money to over a dozen. Musicians. Other people in the music community other than musicians to the people who have helped. Our music community over the years. Congratulations and stinky well I feel you know we had to pay it forward. Now. Whites. You said you were humbled. But yeah the same time you went home and and had this calling to begin something that wasn't here before. And yet Ira called many discussions how to read help musicians how to week. Help them in this kind of emergency how have you seen this made a difference and even in your own life and those of people you know that have been able to used states. Well I've. I I've I've seen and you know it's it's a brotherhood you know musicians. Is a family member. If your band you know you you have a family. And in that family say there's five musicians they charged. When he different relationships in that family you know. And 011 of your family gets hurt. Will you want to help maddeningly cancel. You know it's it's been a process we're still working on it we'd love to find more corporate sponsors of people who could maybe help us raise more funds so we can give more. Right now. We get what we can't eat and know some sometimes we feel it's not enough but it's it's what we can do at this point you know in the and the progress of our program. It's it's the beginning and it's better than never and that's exactly you know we've laid the foundation announced his commander of folk keep innings going keep me strong getting people. Aware of flow what we're trying to do. You're listening to weekend perspective and our guest today Robert. The Mamas and in particular them comic player's program. Now. I understand. You and me have. He saw on an obviously you have 45 years' worth of experience how can I not ask you to play a song during this if you were made sure no problem play a song for us that. Sort of relates to the cause and what we're talking about today chair okay now we're ready for you Robert. And while he is Graham and his guitar. Com I wanna remind you you can find all of this information. Mama. Dot org right mama says. It's a www. Valmont is. Don't mama's dot org. Slashed momma tears perfect and then before I even started you wanna remind you that we're having our mom cares winter ball. On enough February 17 at high noon saloon featuring three fantastic hands the browsers. Honor among thieves and lower fifth and I have to assume you're gonna get up and maybe jam a little bit I'm gonna see what happen. Well I'm kind of areas are running around to do whatever I need to do. Happy snow again OK and we'll bring them back come in just a little bit what's the outlook can expect ads. An event like that that is kind of a celebration and bites on. Also a chance to help out but right now on tell us about the song you're gonna play and what this means TU. This song here's called don't forget me you're not alone in hand which is kind of what we're trying to. Let our fellow musicians know here in Madison that you know our own. And if we can help we will. I wrote this originally from my brother Vietnam veteran. And he came back in ten years after he came back from Vietnam he started. Getting anxiety attacks and head PT EST so you are for him. When he has gone a little bit it's too thin TV groans. And the wolves again close union bank and everything is love. It along to come in thrown cold it's not to win a gold. Don't forget remain unknown. You don't fall give me. Yeah now the goal. It. And when you caught have been you know alone brand New Zealand led foreign. They're begins wow could you Cheney in a car. When your loss and sadness secrets you grab the Atlanta zone. Don't fold giving me you know. And tell us all again. Even now alone. Don't pulled it mayhem all. Don't forget me. Unanimous no. It's. And little father. This red did you loved me. They're Xoom will show all the residents routinely. Back. Instead cheating game. And then on file that are. It's a dream and came to land him. Hey a new hard on film and T and it will leave you win team and feeling in. Full moon. And wind blew really loosens all my years still ahead in the hills. You can't you look at cousin he's don't think you live Lil. No one else remembers what it is you say it in full or. Don't full give me an. Don't fault he had me. You can now he's home. Don't fold to me you know. Don't fall and he had me. Yunnan illegal. I. Think I wish I had bigger plot. Beautiful. Cake and when you listen to the words. That song is perfect for. Right now in everything you're trying to do with mama Ayers to his wife thought that of all the songs I've written that would be the one would be yes most. Closely aligned to what we're doing here huh. How does it feel for you to be personally involved in these kinds of things especially knowing you've been an. Part of the scene for 45 years Israel on. It's mixed. I'm I'm a singer songwriter musician and guys have ideas and I'm not really an organizer. Or idea community leader in some ways but I found myself having to be involved in an end. Making this happen. And so it's been it's been rewarding to help. And it's also taken up some of my time which is okay to you know but it. I'm more of that guy who's the dreamers in his his basement studio coming up at new songs and lyrics and ideas and then being that organizer you know but I'm here and that's what it is right now and it could be done better where I. I'm reaching out to any we are listening if you wanna help organize us with this program or any of the programs in the mama's we do need. Help and you we'd appreciate anybody you'd like to step up and help us in anyway. And again we we encourage everybody grab a piece of paper and a pen if you can't remember reading writing and howling and we wanna give you that information again and Robert how how can they'd best find information how can they get a hold of everybody. Mama okay once again the V website is www. Vote mama's. It's MA MES. Dot org slash momma cares. And they'll get to to that portion of the site. And yeah I hear you can find us on there you can there's contact information on there yeah. And we'll say it one more time OK done just in case people are running for their piece of paper and there and write it down you did mention right before the song that there is to greet event coming up. And maybe just a way for people to instantly. Get involved and be part of a wonderful night of music and fellowship. And learn more so tell us about. What you have coming up you're calling it winter. The. Don't vote the mama tears winter ball we've had some events so far on but we were trying to. To have one big events a year and that's what this is hopefully going to become. Right now it's. The first year for the mom cares winter ball. And it's a fund raiser to help local musicians in need. On we're featuring some of the best bands. Ever to come out of Madison the browsers honor among thieves and the lower fifth. And it's on Saturday February 17. At high noon saloon from seven until eleven. We're asking for a ten dollar donation. And we're having raffles and auctions and we're auctioning. Off all we've got to two VIP. Gold circle. Tickets to Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers at priest terrorists. I do want to thank our sponsors you know on him bomb we have triple M of course. And this whole complex here is helping us out with all your radio station. Local sounds magazine. The next door brewery brewery is helping us there of they've got a couple of special craft Beers for the occasion for us. Full compass who has been a great contributor to our cause and they've donated. A really nice microphone. And 500 dollar pair of really cool headphones for the auction. Like yeah. WORT. Is involved with us and and it really need rest run out and DeForest BB Jack stepped up and gave us a some money to help us get this all going. And there's many others com. I know of course frank productions gave us the tickets and and there's you know other people help with the auction items so. We've had some support and it's it's really great tennis. Two you know I feel like it's a community of people trying to put pull this off and all we need is your support to come on down to that. To the a high noon saloon rest him for a ten dollar donation. When the invitation doesn't get more personal and now does that worry you that you heard Robert today. And again it's the winter call mom cares first annual first annual. On that this February 17 Mina. Again you're listening to weaken perspective we're having a pleasure of chatting with Robert de. Rapper before we go one more time for everybody who ran for the paper and pen to write on how to find more information. Sharing. Okay you go to. Www. Novell mama's dot org slash momma cares. And go to the blog. Page and that that'll help you get to you know the thing about the winner ball.