What do wives love most about their husband?

Wednesday, February 14th


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Classic hits got a four point nine Della you'll like smoke on the morning. Janet Gerri wish you a happy. Valentine's Day this morning we had a perfect question on the brain strain for Valentine's Day and they Valentine's Day prize for your Valentine and it's. Carol water park as tickets per Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells and you automatically qualified to win a culinary overnight stay yes. Also for your Valentine. Question this morning just a dodger valentines day news survey of wives everywhere ask why it is what it is they love most about their husband. Yes what does that the wives club bought their hobby. Also the your answer at 6641. I poured my gym and Jerry's didn't buy for your green straight answer call good morning happy Valentine's easier. I created there. And I'm. I'm white I cannot wait to hear the answer of the brave soldier in. There's no survey just in time for. He gave it everything what what is it that wives love animals divulge their husbands and their base that matched they're harder to treat it. Yeah of their fathers. I her dad so yeah true dainty as women marry there and they're there to end the right. That's an interesting kind of a psychological guess put a dot. Paul on the level that tries to be do you have a great game here how awful. Double helix breeze strange the Delta State do you ever read or better Turk. All think you might deer in saint Tim useless EC sweet yeah. It leaves you out how hot please meet again it is it on the later guys back in Iowa what do you think this survey they asked wives what they love the most about their husbands all the little things they do all the little things the deal who must convince them. No none too when we are always good to hear from the man wow. WLX rays straight downsized eight Marines into question here we surveyed wives everywhere as to what they love most about their husband. That's right and converting government have to try observed in human sense of humor is the drug raids are an answer that is it is. Pol. They like the man that can make them laugh yeah half I have to agree I think that's awesome at school to lose in this is. In this world it's it's what we need. My goodness. We united stolen meant paying you yeah outlet at cal Ripken Wednesday's game. All along. That you marry me and you would buy him keep your life laughable thing you have to read. We got everything. We brought him Ian Rodgers.