Only 28% of people actually still believe in this...what is it ?

Thursday, February 8th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa and on the morning Jim and Terry with this morning's screens screen. Are we becoming cynical. Only 28% of people. Still believe in this little skeptical this will bring your big on the braised recall put the correct answer when a 25 dollar. Quick trip gift card this year because some terrific prize stressing the Brady straight directly WLX good morning. I you don't. And here's our question this morning I'm not only 28% of people see. Actually believe in this what are have a cool law. And again. Especially some deep thinking yeah this whole house. You still not should I do vary so I don't know June nonstop right yeah Ernie Banks now. How about it basically got me thinking now. All along okay have a great day he don't realize grade strays or six when I was born and only 20% of people. Well under half believe and it's. I wore green blue I do it right. I hung up at night. Kevin and life on other planets are just so hard to. I did try honey okay thanks for your purchase of. Patients who that it exists or want to report on raised a question going on this morning widget material only 28% of people acknowledge he still believed in us. Thank god from what I. Light and unemployment. Guess it is getting to be a cynical world isn't he. Can pretty straight 6641 record I'm only 28% of people not actually still believe that this. I'm doing very doing Ernie and so did our problem. Is that he didn't think you and me and no doubt there are great and and it totally different or Brussels other incidents. I'm not I don't want as it is the number rising that high yeah. Hello everybody yeah yeah. Yeah you're not in the Italian drain on the good morning the W all. Great strain SEC spore when I'm gonna and the number you just call the only 28% of people still believe in this. And I thought our own Santa. Claus Santa. Does that go along with like the Easter Bunny the Tooth Fairy. Our fleet hopefully looking at your listening to. You your socks off the corn alcohol when he presents Santa Claus and the good just started to yeah fake Q Harold brings strains exist or one out of four and I can only 20% of people still believe he didn't sit too well. Flew home I hope that's not true. The move home not the correct answer but think I have some really just anger snow that was Alan. I'd say come on home after he could pick a protection against cynical world tell us what you think. 6641 before and I'm only 23% of people still believe in this W always great seeing the morning to you. Women and gay or third day only only 20% of people now actually still believe in this. The weather forecast to top that never get that feeling yeah yeah. Yeah okay that's the way better than the forecast on the radio guys you little nasty yeah cow yeah thank you arrived. Did Charlie shirts you know this morning yeah. Whenever I ask you hope this forecast is that our Clinton I. I'll miss like yeah I mean we're ideally. I like the real news with the whale alone we can do this morning again garage of the night.