One in every nine Americans has worked here. Worked wherez?

Monday, February 5th


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The classic hits 94 point nine WOX Madonna morning greens drain question which in the teary call 6641 out of fort I'm when you can answer this question this morning. One in every nine Americans. Has worked here or right one in every nine Americans has worked to display east there's your question here's Jim looked awesome prize this morning and all week long. 45 dollar gift card to Clinton trip nodded docket now by a lot of blazers are but it could. Like there is good on the Braves during this morning with a gift card. From quick trip for your direct brain straight answer AWOL. XW. Always raised trick hello there. And a good deal. I'm doing good he looked horrible and yet they did you and we want. Withdrew from the islands to celebrate with its head that way to grudges lying tell one out of every nine Americans is worked. Are there more boring and a lot. I don't know if it's. Well. Category one out of every nine Americans as worked here we here. At the food restaurant knows her. Guess not it's yeah I thought for sure that was going to be the answer why don't. One update here in June 16 when I'm when I'm in its. Really like these guys sell one out of every nine Americans who has worked here where. Probably about it from another vote for fast food and you say no no loves her. It's okay. They do have a great day dealers braves trade 119. Americans and worked at this one's. And in my equipment that's not see. Top line if you ever want to McDonald's. What we the united either in the either and that's that he's three but it happens at night in I didn't eat there it's. Oh my god oh my gosh I don't know Tim thought I heard got a little lucky there. W all these greens drain or is your answer it succeeds more well known for a moment and I amateurs get station and gas station. Allude to include gas ahead even thought of that means the home you're halfway there have to and yeah wait a you have way to Z. Oh my kids. Well my year over here I don't think you tell me he's banging his hands on the console there. He's for you know top. Can you stretch that answer a little farther. Hack into the seats. And we. Won't. Gonna give her hit you guys I was gonna say well our our prized time. I go. Any answers built into the price for your loan by doing that to be used ours we're looking for. An iPad and I. Let let's get out of all my gosh that's so funny how did this. Net definite right track it just wasn't quite that just the gas station parts away the Ole miss. Yeah. Who are you I shouldn't anymore.