18% of us have done this rather bold move while we’re at someone else’s house.

Friday, February 2nd


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He gets nanny four point nine WO likes to go on the morning Jimmy teary with your world famous. Brain strain this morning we like questioned six inch a lot of. Interesting series that's what we'll do it in yours so busted. On the brain strain this morning 18% of Lewis and the Don this rather bold move. Lawrence someone else's policy. Candidate at this weekend here's somebody's house for the big game on Sunday he 18% of us have done this brother bold move or someone else's house. Called the correct answer quit our final period tickets for the camper and RV show on this weekend. 6641. Out of 49 to answer the green screen good luck from Jimmy Jerry W all LX. I want our goal barrier Merrill's. Name Powell stands. And Jim Donald yeah. He doesn't look did you do. The clerical worker workers are here they give. Him I'll I'll I'll I'll look WR likes Arianna. I'm doing good today are dull until it shared cancer and anti national or us. I negative they went numbers do it didn't let him toys Natalie who all else. You're starting. So you exhibit at the after I don't think that someone you're mad at us. And who I didn't and I thought about it a little. And I was. Now go to the audience you are. Yeah time. I'm sorry I hate me 18% of us have done this this rather bold move lower someone else is always. Great room pictures straight up the pictures yeah. Agassi and nodded just so much. That's pretty good. We always very strange 664100 point nine Terry I don't love your drum. So that led. Think it likely candidate talked twister went well below the goal would be eighties you're gonna rest her lover to a bowel movement. That's the bulls have so popular answer this. You don't you're not a lot going obviously. Cannot stand gym once again the answer to that particular answers coming from palm man. Are you always look stupid or at least that's another wouldn't pollute the movies well along. As you move on. Wow yeah not embody the things to try and why it's a good thing they want you just in attention and the and the thought. So I don't it's trickling to include. Mobile food. WLI screens journey 18% of us have done is rather small mole well and some doubles is house. WL Alex took it. Sorry yeah. Not eagle and 80% of us have done is rather bold move. Fallen someone else's house. I would they're sworn in the kitchen grabbed prudent and recruitment center and you know get what they wanted. Me a sandwich and appeared. Are a little sad thing out before the host said help yourself this sort service. The publicity and a month all. Hum did wrong answer but a great idea yeah are draining I hear encouraging goddamn pilots again I'm here to incurred bed they did. W illustrates your opponent some 66194980%. Of us and done this bold move well and someone else's faults. Remember the medical examiner Irwin to where we start in school. Nancy Gibson taught some of these that. Look at some what do people do. We're nosy you look at the deals are part peninsula. How can live with ten to hand these drugs can call. Andre. Because sure the occasion is very much how I see you writing easy answers down you know I think we need. It. I grew for Carlin are all right Friday. He didn't they don't thinks you're gone 66 or 194980%. Message. Don this rather bold move along to someone else's home food for. And. Well there and pull all politics is not there also need need to dated someone else is dead. Yeah. Very. Good. I only can be and it's it's connects on it. Oh yeah I was yeah. I know I don't know the answer hi my kids and hearing their. About Jimmy isn't ready and all of these really bizarre answers. The right if there was another fascinating yeah yeah I just didn't about it yeah I had an idea that you had a lot of never not got an over numerous problems include pets floppy and my goodness what. They're pretty retreat yet believe it or not you know you all go floor and it didn't Richard broiler papers wrote in order got hot. That is. Seems way in the military or less and you ask I. I actually had people do that in mind how this yeah. A lot of yeah. No no I don't either way I noticed that. They don't is that it's. Not can I get me why I'll. Stop and I think. They are not headed down this morning in the end. We get nervous what's your name me at that sentimental.