Women are more likely to be hired as bartenders if they have this

Wednesday, January 31st


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Classic hits and had a four point nine WO elect spoke on the morning timid Gerri the brain strain is back this morning. Answer it 664194. And I just think you answer correctly he could quit your job. Or the country in a remote her home. With tickets from the medicine camping and RV she'll. Coming up this weekend question this morning women are more likely. They hired is bartenders. If they have this okay repeating the question when are more likely to be hired as bartenders. If they have this give us a culture answer Ed W Ole LX. Who doesn't really bubbly personality. I think Terry would be nice to pursue. Yeah I probably. WR Alaska morning. Good morning. Or you'll. Excellent question this morning women who have this are more likely to get hired. It is a bartender in the abort the orbit during a problem but frequent hot and see the number one doesn't want. That's sad and it gets to get how that would keep the cash flow and and that's. The EW Orleans very strange call 66419190. Answer the questions weren't which eerie behavior of the lowest figure Greta here all the goodies I. I can't deal. Well let me why. I'm glad I I I no longer an outdoor yeah. Hulu yeah good hands and you that's it right answer is not the right answer but so Nadal. Is right they are you here I favorite answer so far it is a good. How about don't deal. Sprains strains six is more women or women who have this are more lady it hired as a bartender. The united tech news tattoos is it so well I don't know why. Now they they didn't they say that a woman with tattoos attracts a younger demo on the demo that tends to drink a little more. And animals attracts a younger demographic so that's fascinating light dance moves and oath so virulent looking for a job as a bartender. I consider getting a chance to depend. Yes my dear thank you eat. Who are we talking till Brian.