1 in 3 snake bite victims have THIS in common ?

Monday, January 22nd


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO likes to every morning BS the greens drain questions its usual question this morning. I wanna threes snake bite victim meet this. Have this in common we hope you've never been bitten by a snake but one of three snake bite victims have this in common. Collison what a prize. You win tickets for Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor together. As summer fest on my birthday card should 48 this summer that your brain strain price Colleen when was your correct answer head W all likes. Good morning EW Orleans pretty strange Gordon are you certain dancer Orioles are important you never. In my state champions. Know how long did you hear yeah. The BBC wanted to please snake bite victims have this in town. Where they are for their party orange again about my. I'm not aware there are certain employee Terry nailed it right off of me I was the importance restate my victims one dropped. Sorry I don't I don't. And they got. Away any appeal they say ten feet tall and bulletproof when your when your loaded so I had yeah. I think you're snake might prove it has what it might ask where are your friends when this happened all we are without Montana so. Hopefully we kind of third party and would a little bit too much I. I was wondering if that was like the bluffs by lacrosse player out on there I looked them up there and there's a lot of snakes and they're actually get it did he lie how this should Montana it is alone lay it at all. Anger there are snakes compliment her mobile aspire to our tower to this oh so that we haven't we haven't been invited to take its tourism we never know the. I can't I'm. In what's your age drinking and dates this and are completed college she isn't you know your birthday to that brought them. Now we're gonna party after I am taking my job he'd never can you give me ordered to call. These amazing guys some wants these fantastic. We ought to put a genuine person doing. And a legend the boots share it with your son how cool he's a legend bureau webinar how cute though and so are you Jason. What's your last day. How he got Q crowned this morning yeah somehow I. It dear. God Cano ETA.