It is the third most common illness in the world today. What ?

Friday, January 19th


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I'm for your morning BSE your brain stream question Vermont on the morning which human Jerry question this morning where we're playing doctor. On the history and don't be afraid but it is the third most common illness. In her world right now here's a helpful Jim and Jerry he and is not the fuel. Plus the door on nationwide. Every State's been hit it is not the flu there's a hint yet easy third most common illness in our world. Call your correct answer when a Stanley pack of four tickets for the league Coleman camp and show. And deal energy center 2628. To January 06641. Got to put on the number to answer the green screen question. Road blocks that morning as the W always breeds strength. You anymore I mean you're ready as the third most common illness in the world right now. While arbor. Cards right it. Is some people who are criticisms adjustments on the slow start worrying you don't have an old did you do did you called the formerly fastest I have yeah that's that's a good sound I don't think he's afflicted with it. Did it hit you always raising questions this morning 6641949. The number you just always been third. Most common illness. In the world these scenes so while they divorced back in May the fourth set to. My toes. That's also sells us stuff looks beyond the painful. I'm an anti static I don't think it's expensive it's not. Entanglement very yeah. W illustrates straight looking for the third most common illness in the world. Or turn them one who knew. That's a serious one that is excellent and you really shouldn't laugh at that one room and good but now he's laughing yes I don't politically and then negates your pneumonia shot if you haven't that is all my goodness happy Friday WL I sprain strains exist or what I wanted to answer. Tells me that you are ready what is the third most common illness in the world. Leukemia. That he needs it. Another man woman not at all why Powell WOR sprains strains of six or when you Bernhard is morning. New Zealand Zealander do you feel OK and we're we're talking about illness on the greens tricky here so yeah. What do what do you think the third most are and why I learned playing at your anxiety your stress is really good guess I get that a lot and that's what it Jim's illness and he just followed now lies prizes dot probably criminalist with the stuff thanks for calling it wasn't. Home. I don't know X racer ACC sore when you're not -- -- -- third most common illness in the world these days we have a list of three here was number three. I know where malaria no one Powell known disease here. WL a strange strange season is tormented by a number three on the list what does the third most common illness in the world right now. How I averaged eight people silent. Jim Nolan he's not split us to insert your ass is. Zero. And I'll pop. Up yeah. I tried to resist or more than four all I. The times thank your position yeah there yeah. And I'm just gonna call every woman I know yeah. Colonial experience trades X explorer one and Brian hello there. We have a list of the three most common illnesses in the world right now what's number three in the lives of student. And I'm home in London. Didn't put your head in the right direction home alone. Is a little hint of history you're I'm not mental it's your offer one more. Com. Changed. Our. No sooner did try and leave Baltimore the yeah yeah. Praised her answers exist or when an important and we worked acted tickets for the late Coleman gently show what you get to see answer correctly. Third most common illness in our world these days what to think it is so they're really diabetes. Is a good guess is seen anything not still the home team around. Podscope today. Current homeowner Jesse or 6641 and frankly we got to let this morning third most common also a lot of strides wasn't the oldest. Teams they always got the flu right now what is it what's number three combat. Know how they're good guests fluid that's a nasty disease I don't Alyssa Blanton nasty disease I really don't wash my hands that is do you. WL I sprains strains things. Collins movie and I eat honey don't and I would look different the third most common illness in the world we have a list of them and food was against the who I'm gonna say it wouldn't mind paying more. Nails it she yeah that's a law. So I'll painful answer and I believe almighty here I believe Terri migraines can be caused by the brains to the streets are. Yeah yeah it was definitely should call it brain strain migraine pain. Songs for us about it yes is this remains in migraine. Wow and migraine headaches is the correct green strands of this morning almost common illness in the world right now what I needed John do you want you get those at all. I don't moments well very rarely is. My daughter. More often now on the people it. You know and some temple and it really really long and I yeah. I I never really had money you're there excruciating yes that's what I hear Tim and polite we get we are lucky and we are very fortunate not to have an injury doesn't get a word would be held until. Yeah who's I get a different kind of hitting a gluten and yeah does. Your name's iron Carlyle hotel and.