We found 3 classic hits from the 80's that were actually remakes from the 50's. Can you name 2 ?

Tuesday, January 16th


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Classic hits study four point nine WO Alexa on the morning. Jim and Gary Dockery. BS the brain drain questions. Answer it's 6641. Honey for nine when you answer correctly you're off to see earth wind and fire early. And the Madison overture center as we got her totally eighty's weekend with chase this afternoon at 3 o'clock in all weekend long the awesome totally eighties trivia. Some music trivia. We've followed. Three songs from the eighties. That our originally from the fifties currently charted originally in the fifties made a comeback. In the eighties with all three of them if you could just name tool. Take it easy on any tool kits from the eighties that were originally from the fifties there's your brain strain challenged at W all except. Good morning it's W on spring street how real. Ninety day it will take to allow for an answer we look infantry songs from the eighties anorexia originally from. So there are doing their job and have a good criterion. I don't know I can't. I'm. So what does it take this out himself yeah. This question it's. So we feel like celebrates saint aria. They got cold it is here. On whom we hear you buddy did you beat the wolves to settle for tool. From the eighties or actually originally from the sixties. God I'll go more important shoot up top. They were re definitely. They weren't the things that we needed. Remain in the heat swimming I tried mature. Try W all strains strains you don't go to yeah and it didn't do it could certainly look good for. It's neat little subtle virtually all three songs of the eighties that were originally from the fifties first and we'll settle for two for the Braves are enhanced or anything. For gotten. Already had not forgotten and you know a lot of a lot of second that he wanted to read it there from all get notified McGraw well. Crawled out. There at. All. Yeah we we we enjoy our daughter brief visit with you did it. That's a warmup WLX brain strain you are on you were on the slots and then we fixed and it. That chain marriage is not a knock remain. Mom. You need to machine was redone my Cheap Trick in his seventies songs are great and man sized I don't know let me ask you keep track you drive an hour. First who we thought threes on us in the eighties that were first come first got in the fifties nonsense to for instance that honey you're hurt. All I. All. Yeah I was from. Little girl with wolf tomorrow you know ultimately average in his sixties it doesn't try. May only get closer holy cow that was a really good try yeah user it's because they're. WL it's great street going to be cornered. We we've filed three songs from the eighties that were originally from the sixties would set to free your greens to read answers get ready for the tunes into when you think. I'm in the clear and turn the page and little guy. Yeah. Know. Model that try to Monday and grinding the gavel during that stage was done by Bob Seger redone in the ninety's and then. I was there when you said a home who are what got her hand again the and we need we need them in from the east you're halfway here halfway there. Don't fuel grade straight you don't want that bad. Hey the stimulus. I think all these at least I started the judiciary. But first what is the greater person. C alone check check what is. Jane that it unseen million home. No. Artists owners yeah from the sixties from the sixties. And I tried man I Terry we horse trading raising. Minus thirty knowledge about or. Sadr and Andy and I think yeah. Odds Resop strongly easily fall three from the eighties that originally from the 50s60s and accept tool for your answer what do you what do you think should pick up. I think for the third out there you are welcome. To Null or not run around. I was Lewis from long Dion in the fifties but generally for at least Garrett Reid didn't sell well. All amnesty irony at least and then not what was totally separate a look at what we're demolishing and I was done in the sixty's best in their earnings in the seventies and the EX ray gases is current. Hopefully our big teal sort of a W Alex bracing morning are yeah. I learned a thing period a good look at her resigning from the and we're originally thought you did decently except to the precincts. Unless all are ineptitude stream Pamela bomb. The fumbles one of little. While I haven't been. Oh are we need to. Already created current. Country are true and actually think of any remakes. The expanded here on and apparently there didn't like coroner could hear him tweeting. I was originally rely Elvis in the sixties three oh in the eighties idly by John Schneider. Are your script country become boring. What you'll like every single morning. I think you get an ample credit rental only had probably waiting for you to call is leading you to get. On who helped write about but I'll try to I don't currency of love but that's all I have to do jury. Unseal all those. Obama another one night we don't know over remake in the eighties on that one so we're trying to find. Exit from the fifties read out of the eighty seal of good work we learn more one more can you do it you're viewed at W. He thinks they should eighties actually I'd hold on in the Davies looks up to. Okay you Obama and and I'm. Obama and all should come jam com Paul should come. Who redid all shook up an eighty CW will Alexi had loads of green street. Is that what I'll get data shouldn't at all I don't know not all Islamic as single team back in the Seve broke a lot of ideological position that yeah. He thinks are dry dog. All so you'll experience street have a little girls all. This for us please. That's please fat what's your elect what are your guesses. Well my guess is what my body and how hard you go well or actual Waldo. And answer then yeah he's a Christmas I want a little hand. They're good and desperadoes to take. I'm still the only straight street will do what are you are currently in dollar. We thought we'd all three from the eighties that we're against originally in the fifties and we'll accept 20 yeah what are not at all a mortgage or not. Not try box. And I know it's sorry Harris. Sorry. Ass now think you'll really pre probably. A hello multiple hall okay. RA WL strange. I didn't that is more well built. And Internet busts out years. OK so how does he usually does Obama. Hats. And I'm not going to stand in the streets. And that was a sixties songs it redone in the eighties nice try off WL let's bring it straight helpless please yeah. Yeah yeah. But what Bob I'm. Not. Colony that is James a common guess that won't worked all all or dry and experts I looked over. Yeah. All three from the eighties originally done in the duties or does that do for your brain screened for cancer. Okay out and I think that you have like this your colleague to say Obama. NN Elvis's concert dubbed freedom by G. We know here you only got your soulful slow. Stakes are trying to. Got the wrong song out Cindy from Pittsburg and I think you're gonna get this idea purely please of slightly knocking on the right Jerry get the answer. Originally from the fifties remained in the eighties we'd all three of hope that you probably hear this we definitely need to be seen obstacle is. Seagram wouldn't fly here is what you got what you got. You are a bomb pretty well. I seal off. I mean that's what you don't under seal until tilts 59 and yes I believe it's what we found yes and re done by the honey your first armored plan. They're behind in the east. And then crystal ball. I would TV islands and in Los Lobos did it later on in the okay. And women.