Of the top 5 foods that wipe out New Year's resolutions pizza is number one on the list what is number 2 ?

Thursday, January 11th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO Alex every morning at 730 it's the world famous. Greens strange question to Jim and Terry prize this week a pair of tickets to see earth wind and fire coming to Madison at the overture center in March. Question this morning we realize it's that time of the month when New Year's resolutions. Start to come come Linda Hogan who we've from the top. Five foods that help break those New Year's resolutions the top five foods totally wrote those New Year's resolutions that you sets. Number one on the list won't surprise you to pizza. There's like Garfield lasagna we've never read a pizza we didn't like so of the top five foods they ruined the New Year's resolutions what's the number tool. Behind pizza pizza is first or second Colin do tell Ed WO Alex. W all that's good morning. And I dare ask stereo Ali dilemma that the year's resolutions supply. I'm like your that are still going up ordering the. I asked Jimmy you have a sold me he's got something. Yeah you're doing all right dude resolutions that you really can't racquets you it's kinda like. Well yeah don't you let me know each of the top. Five foods that really blow of the New Year's resolutions men of course pizzas number one was not surprised there were. What Sackett. What. A murder hamburger. Is a good guess but not quite as well as McDonald's burgers are goods. World. And it's got a good try though but that's key you know all happy new year annually to call off W relaxed categories it. Good morning many New Year's resolutions warriors all the now Brandon. Goes well. Right or get help he would do a better. Sure hope you do and now it's tough now a top flight to listen knock people off their leaders are some who chickens. Pizza is number one on the list were not shocked by that would Stover who I would say don't let alone. He's talk slowly and Jim all night. It's okay yeah yes and happy new year. Call you to truly. W all extreme strain hot line of the top five foods then wipe out the New Year's resolutions number one on the list this pizza was delivered to get that sheet cake. She used to whom shall I love cheesecake you. I thought. Past that is that we ask our job. I am cheese cake doughnuts and burgers burger and yeah and I Jim's food groups I. And you know my that I should it. Favored three food droves laid out. I. You'll electable is a strain on YouTube current are there on your New Year's resolutions come on line. Great that it will not an idea. I am with you girl yes. Yeah they're they're fives on top five foods that will knock people laughed New Year's resolutions right about now Pete says number one on the list we're not surprised with that what's number two on the list. I heard bill I yours back there and I think beer was about a vote. I don't. Moochie AG animal donuts cheesecake oh right yeah. I. Swore all like some Pringles are something that's just salty chips Sierra. You Pringles I. OK now Jim is fixated on Pringles upgrades. Every president weakness that he am Superman Kryptonite I'm minor Pringles I noticed that correct not has got it it's another good against the Ottawa ball wasn't already we do wish you happy new year meantime I'm going to enjoy some chips didn't get any donuts but. He couldn't Donetsk. And it has laundry and iron no number line not the group for breaking New Year's resolutions. And say I know I honestly didn't you know quote thinks I don't know you. In both Chinese food does. Yeah. On my. Got you okay good thing I didn't make dad as a resolution because we had Chinese food like right away as soon as we got home from and CE. I love. It good gas and way to go I I love Chinese I used to love don't I don't what I. That was nine your listless at the residents are absolutely I'm hearing is made mine yeah. Hi all you don't want to get to see earthquake that I care oh what. Sure well guess why right Jim consider it done he's got it half almost and just one Arctic gets forgiven him and think yeah yeah and it yeah now we're maintenance crew operator.