In a new survey of women, they think a man should stop doing this by age 30 ?

Wednesday, January 10th


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Time for the look on the morning world famous green screen along with dairy bar called 6641 out of port on with your correct answer when a pair of tickets for earth when to fire. And Gil Richardson are coming up in March question this morning any new survey of women but let's say than men over thirty. She said she had stopped doing this guy's deal where you're trying to do be a boy becoming the men and women think guys over thirty shouldn't do this anymore. Calls have you praised her answer and Winnipeg good luck to WOLXW. Question according to the end. And many good morning aren't. But we returning a boy to a man this morning with their reads let's get the majority of women and the service when a guy turns thirty years old. Should stop doing this time or the power and yeah. Did they ever stop them but let me. And Barry did it. Congratulations. But yeah I've heard a lot of the winters that the guy plays to maybe you did so well and you guys okay I'll help me out with this if you have to agree with me. They can only do typically one thing in times of their play video games they don't even speak. Or do anything else you simply don't even earlier than here that if it's true. How do you agree. I have my boyfriend personally that that's why I'm lucky that her brother played occasionally and I can see that yeah yeah I. Stuff that's not the answer a little advice that he's not lives immediately needs no I don't. All right so much have a great today and he kept a drawback it's your who might well be asked. W Rolex brain strain new survey of Ahmanson's what I turns thirty years old she would do this not at all what what is the it could be our brilliant theories are drinking beer another another good attempted to bring singletary have been done. You can handle the. And. WL a crazy question this morning when a guy turns thirty. In the new Serbian women have to stop doing this these thirty. I think it should be before but boy and had backward at work group that. How can I have heard the gangster lucky shouldn't let uncle whom we. The direct answer it. Yeah this is women these guys basically do this we turns the south south where their hands and is it scaled back that's. Our holes could. This guy on. India called with that answer to because you're like that I don't like it when they do that anyway it's only did. Wear underpants. And by their new car. Yeah it. Yahoo! yeah yeah all my guys you look is just not good about your leg and I'm I've never learned that listeria urging black. I'm Don I don't get anywhere on the PGA that they did they want you they didn't. Think I'd like.