27% of men have been emparassed by showing up at work with this....what ?

Tuesday, January 9th


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Time for the month on the morning world famous green screen question. With Terry Barr answer this question at 66419. Point 9 answered correctly this morning you'll hit a pair of tickets. Earth wind and fire and here's September. And he wondered and let's groove and almost classics in menace in coming up in March. All you're correct answer to this question only 7% of men and embarrass themselves and work by should be showing up with this. We're shaming men this morning Chris I cannot be ashamed of but it radioed to along the odd 47% of men show up in Paris to work. Because they have this Collison do apple and win and good luck AW OLX. Good morning erase the W always breeds strength. You are. How could I do these numbers of men have been in parents like showing other work with this mom tell me tell me. I know I get it epic jet that mother bring it to your mom. And on the best I think that's sweet. I'll bet it yes it would be very intensity and an gym so far is not saying a word I can even read his face and if they don't extend and not in the sun this. In the sunshine up your gas slap and you can have. Today. I think you W Lois Marie street hello Ben Ali. Arnold could not until I'm I'm gonna put it back and that the Democrat but I Lebanon bad. Home loss to. Christmas music now. How I act at the wrong place and I now have a countdown on to spring setting he gains. Yeah and I think that I'm the guy I. Am. I gonna chance. My job for a little longer because you just sent them thank you will not. Yeah I think to this question 127% of men have been embarrassment to know who worked well. Claire. Mike Reid who moved or something I can. And their shirt inside out there under her. I needed I mapped out till it is good stuff today. Who's in my really tired and I am not that they can. Good morning needs the WL it's pretty straight you don't own moral high heels and and well you are greeted to this question I would think so he he he could. Yeah so. I need 7% of men have been here especially with this week. I'm gonna say as to when that they've got the pink carpet girl then they thought company publisher. Yeah we took a deeper you know just applied to a little bit since toughness that really in Tennessee it is yeah this is here. I don't know a guy than hasn't done that has involved and themselves up to half asleep the sometimes worth the mountain Sidney I tell you Jimmie on the radio. And you can't see it wouldn't understand commands and earned it at all hope that the next time he doesn't take a photo first and then tell limits on his fame to sit. He added. I know so what email blackmail. I'm not loses because I bought an electric razor so hopefully that won't helmets aren't. All. These big you gotta get a toilet paper why do shaping Nixon caught. I. This okay. Western Canon camera crier.