3 out of 4 people have one but rarely ever use it....what is it ?

Monday, January 8th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all elects its time for the world famous mainstream questions. With the got a more legitimate teary answer is 6641949. Answer correctly will win the check this out early to Gwinnett fire concert tickets is deeply overture hall Vincent coming up in March. A good morning WLX. Yeah. I. Gonna miss me. And they're. Yeah. Happy none of them are good morning WLX. Yeah. Yeah. It brought back very calm all act very cute song by send this to you. Were only a week or will you consider it. He snubbed her vision. Iowa what do you think it. Four people help one of these the literally hurt every news. He and Nixon. Clinton their hands are so hard hitting yet now I know I'm. Why let. The blow this thing. And that's kind of funny though he candidates and I like your sense of humor. What people these but rarely is it and I. And I hear what is Steve iron for your right to your clothes. And then when Terry's looking at me going at it and you don't just write and speak at. Oh and I I spoke to sue in Israel but that's not but I remembered musical and yes that honor W all excited this morning. But. My guess sort of more to restrain misfired and sure fire extinguisher. And that would be a good thing not to have to use. Not used to them if you like G. An answer through the town there. I don't think you'll ever written or called you yes do it quite what it is the drag racer answer. Well three people have a pool table is rarely used. It's why I would love to have a pool table a dull but I do use it I would use the ultimate little brother's a couple short film. He needs them. Did you ski league team I love Lan and not really very good until you take in your home and that commitment let them have been barred from. And there it's a good place to store water here and that's exactly what this is about what's your Davis. Well Eric Carle.