3800 people have been hospitalized with this rather minor condition...what is it ?

Friday, January 5th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO Lexmark on the morning time for the green stream question this morning world famous greens train with Jim and Terry every morning at 730. Call 6641. Out of 49 with your correct breezed through answer you'll win that. A wedding planner guide book should. From W all explicit this morning's 3800 people have been hospitalized. With this seemingly minor injury. That could mrs. Santa 3800 people to the hospital what is it Collison when the brain strain had W all Alex. Good morning it's the W Alex grey street argue the Smart. I did what do you think 3800 people in the hospitalized for this minor can do. Honestly I was dissidents it's a cold that don't know and often. Actually more than Madison and trust me we're not surprised that the weather than. We'll stay warm and still be calling candidates getting it better myself. But not more but it's not call the stick more things for politics WL it's great strain you don't. I'm trying to do it felt good today 3800 people hospitalized this month and conditioning. And everything worked a big game. Well not. I didn't see over the streets during question. Sore throats and I hit good morning it's the W allowance greens drain or you'll anchor Howard you could you tell me from a warm place. I can't learn he's 3800 people and hospitalized for this a seemingly minor condition what could be. It's that he got spit it in particular had those in the wouldn't go away. I have now closure what was your cure. Strangely enough income audio into me drink water water didn't need. I had a doctor tell Lewis is to dot com to 101000 I don't think he liked me. Cardinal. It just a little older brother told to ten miles of Celtics player of the current. What did you say Brenda she Brenda nice going on this morning thank you gonna get less than. Turned to county.