18% of us made this our New Year's resolution for 2018...What was it ?

Thursday, January 4th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W oil expert on the morning. Jim material and our world famous. Greens strange question this morning you can answer is six explore one and her nine answer correctly when he wedding planner guide book question this morning. 18% of us double lots of 18%. Need this our New Year's resolution for 2018. There's your brain strain call it guests. And good luck kid WO Alex. What do you think it brings settle this or a. It's. Is Doris. Had I. Preliminary. And braves are eighteen there's our costs resulted in this fertility Tina was her New Year's resolution. Oh wait until you don't want that was the number one resolution is also the most brokered so we try to edit it. In Evian earlier today at daybreak is strange question this morning eighteen overzealous mean does our New Year's resolution. About the credit cared enough credit you have to do whatever I have I didn't want to have you need to do them myself who. Has got the well I did that all of the outstanding players area. Dude just did Marty W Alexa you lose or did fine and happy new year violates. If you paid 18% of us made us may visit New Year's resolutions are when he teed almost. And I brought read more books read more did you realize. Now what the potential I didn't hit that that's good for what he can help you reach Mars we probably have a book for you right now we have new star really like to steamy romance now we're in the late at. The it is these wedding planner and guides for you you get married. I'm not that maybe I pulled you going to give it turned. Please go what's surely a roommate echoed.