To avoid cold and flu germs at work try and avoid this...what ?

Wednesday, January 3rd


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The world famous green screen question under the on the morning Jim and Terry. Question this morning. If you want to avoid the cold and flu germs going around this season what should you avoid a worked OK the thing you should avoid most. It worked to avoid these cold and flu germs. And work to avoid this. Collison when he wedding planner in guidebook. Plus a balky booked this morning. You're essar being taken at 664190. Point 94 BW or Alexa screens screen we wish you good luck good morning as the W illustrates. Do you do this once lived through literally takes what's the answer there are about a bought your hope for the fact that it's yeah. It hurts yeah that's that's not have a good idea until thinks of popular web brand. W Alex pretty street happy new years he can't hear you welcome back to it was a lose a little time off to a real reason he's. Their willingness to do you know. You'll play it work not only the I'm getting right now what do you do it. Drinking comes a good idea when. What the experts I talk WX rays traded earlier. Yeah it warlord that the Braves trade was all for a little while we apologize the nice to have you met this young couple more. Yeah what what should you avoid a work if you don't know what the cold flu and and I think that copying machine in the break where it is the coffee machine exactly. You know primary problem I don't know I learned from Deborah normal. And I want her all the time Deborah Norville Tommy then I'm inside these. All of dad's ads if you get trust Deborah Norville will you request didn't think it's I don't look at that. What's your name. I think he Lindsay you. The winner tonight. To get married into a couple getting into how and why are. Well not only we have the wedding planner and I don't have a ball deep ball to start out as the newly lists table tennis and money. I've got a lot else to win the Lindsay does it on the morning. I have been against the flu for your own business right and Bill Clinton I know what's your lesbian. Our door not closed door knobs and just to know the number one thing to avoid violence. Right and I like Joes do is avoid your bosses the so it's it's a copy we can make your talking to.