40% of us do this before going Christmas shopping...What?

Monday, December 11th


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Time for the world famous who got in the morning. Bringing stream question Terry's got this morning so I need your help call me Libyans are 6641949. Or in the heart of Christmas shopping season effect on the home stretch with no less than two weeks to go high you know that shop and they say 40% of us do this. Before we buy Christmas presents a case a little under half of us. Do this before we go out. In behind those Christmas presents follows 6641 on it or not we got you subs and already. John Rose Garden center in gift card dormant awesome prize all this week which are correct green straight answer good morning it's the W always. Green street and you have the answer. I think they are all right Princeton got online name Hulu Amazon makes. Nodded but a good guess I think nobody ever felonies WOS marine's dream 40% of us do this before I and guess what do you think's. Exchange may. Exchange alleged name drawing thing. Well pleased that our family got a bit. You do that it actually debit Sheridan why our guests include bingo off. That's not good fun. During. My lap or. Good morning W lowest grades three to sixty score one on important legal news. No no I'm doing great to express depositors who shot legal and so far. To the moment and BM's violent. Yeah yeah it feels like Christmas this year I think he's done well now that they're the value of Phelps but our music and a hell don't think. We'll look at 40% of. Analysts do this before we won't my Christmas gifts and certainly extremely. Death I met yeah I would I would declare that guess what size that my duplicate corporate. That's the does it mean there's really get it wrong. Veterans day good morning don't realize how are you are far. Paul Weber 40% of us do. My Christmas presents. I think we've reported that they are going well here that we want our right you're Smart shopper you. Sorry that's not the right answer probably. Thinks for anybody happy holidays to you got your group. Good morning to W illustrate strains sixty store when I'm when I'm glad you called iTunes work. Thank you for doing really good thank you need 40% of us do this week's gone by Christmas gifts what what's the answer. Are important change that is that is yes we can not all ice down here you are welcome what's your me. And I mean it without even shelved because he's done a normal day. Had an alien sorry if you know I see on December 23. And didn't. End up. You would just like Donald solvent for you on the show we should John's guards that are gift card can start. Think in spring or city ticket is that good Freel Michelle that is yet to correct razor and answer session there changed his. These are that Chris was club com. Savings targets case dignity of the water park over the summer for someone that. I made it great that we. Needs to car repair some comes up for Michelle what's your last name it me or.