A new study shows that this is what annoys current Christmas shoppers the most ?

Friday, December 8th


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Madison's home for the holidays 94 point nine W elects. But on the morning Jim and Terry with our world famous mainstream question this morning can answer. Essex explore one not a porn I'd answer correctly today and win a Dunkin' Donuts gift target yourself some doughnuts and delicious Dunkin' coffee. America runs on Dunkin. Question this morning you to ponder as we brave and other. Weekend of Christmas shopping with just a couple weeks ago all they took a survey at this is being number one annoyance. A Christmas shoppers. Are out of the store in the month of all what annoys us most. About Christmas show how big. They're your brain strain question this morning. Would you organize good morning to you and it'll get the announcers who just didn't actually bit of a tree you what did you buy super hot. Don't ask him don't next I. New study finds this is the number one thing that annoys us the most aware of your shopping. We think that means I don't want anybody don't like the long lines and narrow down who did just not into the good guys. It'll good luck with the rescue shaft because I thought things Merry Christmas and nobody likes to study shows and. Number one thing in movies and smallest this nation and starting your season and well. Yeah yeah. I can explain that presidents can be yeah. That was don't hear someone else. Yeah. Nice to everything. The drugs and had dropped it yeah. New studies show as the number one thing that and always annoys people. Come on holiday shopping this is what's. We're workers or thirty people war in school. I am that's exactly the correct answer is awful record. Walked slowly up well up on the ground can island nations. And I couldn't overrule it. I'm content. I know it's supposed to be fun right way and some acquaintances who asked this afternoon couldn't pick and I didn't with holly do. Almost. Sort of burden the cockpit. And yeah I'd be here for you that's how big a kindred spirit on the fly by her. I'll see CN dissent between them. That deal all night Wal-Mart. And good reason to want to wait for a lot in the go jogging yesterday and I still on ballots what's your name. Scott Peterson.