Just in time for holiday binge drinking, new reserch shows this could cause you to drink 31% more. What is it?

Wednesday, December 6th


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Madison's home for the holidays in 94 point nine W Rolex which human teary Michael on the morning in the pretty strange question this morning answer it as 66419. Point nine answering directly when a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Questions hoarding some research just in time for the holiday season or we like to. Celebrate with spirits. Back appeal research shows that this will cause you to do. 31%. More. When you're out on the town near the holiday party. You'll drink 31%. More. Because of this there's your brain strain this six explore 1949 the world famous pretty straight in the Mickelson prize from. Dunkin' Donuts would WL elects. W all of sprains strains technology editor in 31% more when your oats and we'll have plenty. Check out our. I'll. Well isn't an opinion whatever pretzels and peanuts are no longer all of the mom hi we all did not exhibit B. At I want it all can't are looking at TrueCrypt street bridge and I. Or the credit card bills the data will be on the 2000 TTP. Drinking 60%. Man. The number goes well I'll let you guys feel like sprains strains exits 4194 and I know cause you to drink 31% more when your arm. When you're out with a note about the halftime which in my own it thinks it's a secret before. Did what I did expert drive. He's right they all. Thought. It's funny. W let's break stringing question this morning during the holiday season we thought this would be hopeful this will cause you to do you present more. When you're out there your brain stroke cancer six. Isn't good it has already or does that. There will present or drinking incidents W only screens Tracy six point 190 cult leader in all what causes people to drink 31% more. When their oats. A lot I'm having a lot of fun it's just that simple love that T and not with people like you yet at this your fine. We want a Christmas party with fuel may yeah. I. Don't you doubt it not the right center field job. It's. We did not I I that was an awesome and students who I think you know open and EU and us. Little. WL it's pretty strange 664194. Not only did it figured out hasn't happened yet but could any moment we'll let me yeah. Injuring 31% more when your own because of this what's doing. I went through it would be it would have candidate that isn't. Home not exactly the that'll work. Well we'll let you haven't gives them jungle gym and it's christmastime I'll pull my hair. In years so close to deal hurts here than the actual answer is loud music so. I. I passed out saying loud Christmas music and didn't. Musical that you drink more. I had about an in my case alcohol and loud music dance better yeah. Yeah. A combination and we can and it. There and what's your name I won't it'll.