Experts no say this may be what is slowing down your WI-FI during the HolidaySeason ?

Tuesday, December 5th


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Madison's home for the holiday is 94 point nine WO Alex brain strain question this morning your answer is good deal for a Dunkin' Donuts gift card delicious Dunkin' Donuts and coffee to go together perfectly that's German gossip prize for your correct answer is 664190. Point nine the world FEMA supreme strange question porous border with Jim and Terry. Experts now say this is. Probably what is slowing down on your wine applying during the holiday season when he needed smallest is cyber shopper and try to reach friends and loved ones what is slowing down on your Wi-Fi. Tell us it's your brain strain answering WLX. And are they don't you all blacks. Very good and doing well and I'm getting real and pretty good little windy up there yeah. Did you hear almost. They got loaded up with. The problems yeah. Do you say it could be headed to the experts seem to end this to be slowing down in my mind. What led to much sadness that what did I hit this election. I'm still young so yeah. I'm. Greens strain is 6641 not before nine experts say. This could easily acknowledge your Wi-Fi Internet home these season we think it is yeah. Let's start out there all the cards really written really yes see that assumption not conduct. I like that it's not yet wish it was rice and I'm like it's a much at least it was right here. 6618. Or nine experts Nazr has to be slowing on your watch. These it's. More than. Now I think at the end every inning giving what do you think it is today I'd met light it is Christmas lights. It's easy CB. And electric made it magnate listening to right to be scientific I'm. You do attempt to do they see the electro magnetic field and on the white student entered the radio waves. For your life you've got to be kidding dead serious it could be actually land. Don who were fine. And older you know throughout the Wi-Fi troubled me I'm clunkers was I think it's high it's. You know line well yeah yeah there you go. Yes good job. What city kinky or any.